How To Get Organic Traffic On Website?

How To Get Organic Traffic On Website?

Today we will talk about how to get organic traffic on website? If your website is new then just update articles on your website regularly. Get traffic to a new site is not a difficult work. But if you write unique articles. Don’t forget to read What type of article should I write? 

How To Get Organic Traffic On Website?

Just see here how to get organic traffic on website? Just increase your quality backlinks. Don’t use any software for backlink creation. You can create backlinks by article submission to dofollow article directories. But don’t submit your article to those websites which are penalized by any search engine. First, check on Moz explorer before site submission. If you see spam score in excessive level and low page and domain authority then don’t submit to these sites.

If you update articles and your articles contain long tail keywords then you can get more website traffic free in some months. Get Organic traffic because ad clicking by organic traffic has a good rate. What is organic traffic on website? Organic traffic is that which come from the search engine. Like if someone writes “Google sign up” in Google search bar and when the search results will come on pages the results are called organic results.

Ping Website To Get Organic Traffic On Website

So if you want to get organic traffic on website. Then try to update your website regularly. Ping your website to all search engines by placing the URLs here which have shown below:-


This is the list of websites which will send ping automatically when you update or publish. Just copy and paste these like shown in above picture.

Don’t use any shortcut to increase traffic like as, traffic exchanger software. When you get traffic from traffic exchanges Softwares then Google AdSense will stop from your website temporary or permanently. So try to away to use any shortcut to get traffic to your website.

There is no way to buy organic traffic. Yes, you can run a campaign on Google Adwords this can give you organic traffic. Because when you will start a campaign it also shows in Google search results. So you can get traffic from Google organic results.

How Many Articles Update On Your Site?

Which type of articles you can upload to your site. After creation of a website, the question arises how many and which type of articles you will upload? We will discuss today on this topic.

Your site will crawl on the behalf of articles so if you can upload article of minimum 300 words then great your site will crawl and if you can upload more than 300 words then that will be excellent. Upload minimum 6 to 7 article if you post 300 words article and upload 6 to 7 article it will be a good approach to achieve your goal.

When you will upload articles keep in mind don’t upload robbery content or rewrite content, because Google will not accept your website when you submit for AdSense. So try to upload unique content which is written by your mind, otherwise, don’t waste your time. Quit this work and trace other business or Job because after uploading low-level content your all working will destroy.

More To Get Organic Traffic On Website

You can grab traffic by simply article updating. 2000 word article is the best way to get an organic visit. Write article minimum 500 words and after that submit this dofollow article submission directories. You will get a high-quality backlink. Now, this backlink will show your site in organic search it may be Google or other.

Don’t copy an article from other sites because this is illegal search engine will ban your site. Don’t rewrite article update on your site because this is also illegal. When you will update rewrite or copied article on your site and apply for AdSense. He will disapprove your site and if he approves your site he will ban your account after some months.

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