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How To Increase Font Size In WordPress Post?

Here we will discuss how to increase font size in WordPress post? WordPress is a great CMS but the problem is that you cannot change the font and font size in WordPress. If you want to change the text size in WordPress. Then you just know bit HTML then you will able to change the font and font size of WordPress post easily. Here I will tell you how to increase font size WordPress post using font plugins for WordPress or HTML?  If you want to change the font or font size of your whole theme. Then you must modify your WordPress CSS file. Often WordPress user face error 404 don’t forget to read How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In WordPress?

Increase or Decrease Font Size Using TinyMCE Plugin?

Read how to increase or decrease font size using TinyMCE plugin? Most sites had place methods to increase font size or change font is to make a paragraph into a heading. This is a bad technique, SEO will penalize your site if you follow this procedure.  By using HTML you can change font size WordPress post. Don’t use more than one heading. If you have an idea about SEO then don’t use headings for a paragraph. This is only for titles and sub-titles.

Font Size

The best method of writing an article is that. Only use H1 one time and after H2, H3 so on. Now I will tell you how to change post font or font size using WordPress Plugin. I will tell you to change post font or font size by TinyMCE plugin. Just go and search (TinyMCE Advanced) and install TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

After installation active it. Now open your post area you will find like as:

Editor Setting

Just select text and choose which you want.

Font size with view option

Select Text to change font size

Increase Post Font Size Using HTML Code

Learn how to increase post font size using HTML code? You can use span for size like that <span style=”font-size: 14pt;”> How are you></span>. Just use style=”font-size: 14pt;”. Maybe when you click on text your editor use paragraph tag then just copy this style=”font-size: 14pt;” and paste in the paragraph tag. Here some example.

Font size Using HTML

If you are using span tag then above example will work and if paragraph tag then it will look like <p>How are you?</p> Now make change in your paragraph like that <p style=”font-size: 12pt”>How are you?</p> I hope you like that simple method and subscribe for more tips and tricks. You can also watch

<p style="font-size: 12pt">How are you?</p>

I hope you like that simple method and subscribe for more tips and tricks. You can also watch a video in Urdu.

Increase Font Size Of WordPress Post In Urdu

Here you can know to increase font size of WordPress post in Urdu through video. If you face any difficulty you can leave a comment. Here We have to guide through video in Urdu. How you can know to increase the font size or Post font in WordPress.

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