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Are You Really Want To Install XAMPP And WordPress?

In this article, I will tell you how you can convert your PC to a Local server? Furthermore, we will install XAMPP Local Server to our Windows PC. After it, our PC will perform like a server. Let’s see the benefits of XAMPP Local Server.

Why We Need Local Server? and Benefits Of XAMPP Installation

Because every professional suggest making PC to Local Server first. If you are taking a step to web developing or want to earn as a freelancer. After installation, you are freed to use like an online hosted site. No need to invest money for hosting and domain just install on your PC and it will behave like an online website.

Benefits Of XAMPP Installation

There are many benefits of XAMPP installation. So I am here as underwriting:

First of all, it’s a free software which assists the professional in checking it before using the on online site.

Secondly, there is no need to purchase a domain from any registrar.

After it, this will work as an online server so no need to hire hosting.

Furthermore, you can use to teach the students free of cost.

Lastly, it’s speedy from an online site.

These are some benefits which are showing above. But the features of this software you will enjoy after installation now just see where to download the latest version.

What is XAMPP and How to Install?

In fact, XAMPP is a software which is available on the web on different sites. But we will install from the official site. So we can enjoy more features of this software. The feature of this software is that after installation we will activate this and our PC will work like the online website. WAMP also available and the oldest version to make a PC to Local Server. In the comparison, XAMPP is new but better for beginners. Because easy to use and understandable. Now let’s install XAMPP and enjoy free Local Server.

Easy Way To Install XAMPP On Windows PC

Now you need to visit the site for installation of XAMPP. Before installation obviously we will download it.


After completion of downloading just launch it. Windows will confirm so just click on Yes.

XAMPP windows will appear and just click on Next.


When new window will appear he will ask which components of software you want to install and which one ignore. Apache and PHP will installed automatically. You just select MySQL and phpMyAdmin. However, you can uncheck other options all depend on you. Our most needy options are MySQL and phpMyAdmin.


Next windows will ask to drive where you want to save. Just select your desired drive and hit next button. We will suggest you create a new folder it will being good.


Lastly, a window will appear and ask you about the installation of Bitnami. Btinami offers free tools for installation of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. I am not installing in Bitnammi but if you are then all depend on you….


Here you will see progress bar. You have completed all requirements for installing this software now just wait for few minutes.


When XAMPP installed on your PC he will ask to initiate control panel. So tick this option and hit finish button.


Lastly, you will see a control panel windows on your PC screen. You have succeeded to install it. Now just check it is running or not copy the below link and search from your browser.



At the end, you have learned the method to install XAMPP and creating your PC to Local Server. However, if you face any difficulty then you can join communities like Stack exchange, Quora etc. or leave a message in the comment section. I will feel happiness to assist you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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