Tutorial: How To Make French Styles On Your Nails?

Tutorial: How To Make French Styles On Your Nails?

Tutorial: How To Make French Styles On Your Nails: Here you will able to read about make french style nails tutorial. If you want to know how to make french nails with tape then you will find here. In this tutorial, we will tell you to step by step about french nails.  What will we use to make French-style nails? We will use cheap items for making french nails.

Tutorial: How To Make French Styles On Your Nails?

This is the right of every girl to beautify herself. Every woman wants to look gorgeous. Every girl wants new and unique fashion. She wants that fashion who make him beautiful and attractive. Today you will be able to learn how to do French styles of nails. Let’s read: 6 DIY Manicure Hacks – Easiest Ways

Make French Styles On Your Nails Step By Step

Let’s read to make French styles on your nails step by step:

07| Select the color Which You Want To Use Make French Styles

Choose two colors which you want to use. One must be shiny and you can choose shiny nail polish for this purpose and second is any paint which is used as transparent.

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06| Cleaning Dust To Make French Styles On Your Nails

Now taking care of cleaning and eluding from dirt on your finger, place a bit amount of Vaseline on your finger, place the Vaseline on the nail of your finger. Why we use Vaseline? Because when we will tape our finger then Vaseline will make easier to remove the tape, otherwise you feel pain when you will remove this after completion.

05| Cut The Small Pieces – Make French Styles

Now make small pieces of tapes and place on your finger as under shown:

4th Step

04| Start To Apply Color – Make French Style Nails

Now the time is starting to place colors on your finger. Now take the color which wants to apply on your finger and start placing like shown as under:

5th Step

03| Remove Tape To Make French Style Nails

Now the time of waiting, so wait to dry this coating. After it removes the piece of tape which was placed on your nail. And now doing like as under:

6th Step

02| Place Second Color To Make French Style Nails

Now place another color which you want and apply like as under. Keep in mind don’t forget to use a piece of ribbon.

7th Step

01| Last Step To Make French Style Nails

Now we are going to reveal the final step. Now apply transparent color or polish on it. Your splendid nail is ready and waits some minutes for dry.

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In the end, you have read to make French Style on your nails. If you like this then don’t forget to share it on Facebook and rate this article.

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