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Make Website Speed Faster With WP Fastest Cache?

Make Your Website Load Time Faster With WP Fastest Cache

If you want to make website speed faster then just use CDN and cache plugin. Because without this, it’s difficult to make website speed faster. By the way, cache plugin is a better way. Website speed is the main factor regarding SEO. Because when your website speed will slow, search engine discourages your site. So concentrate on your website speed after that use link building technique and directories submission technique

Due to the slow speed site ranking not easy. So here I am sharing WP Fastest Cache. That’s a good cache plugin. Because it’s a simple and easily configure with MAXCDN and Photon. Another option is WP Rocket Plugin. Which is also easy to the understandable plugin of WordPress. But it is premium not free. However, you can see the result of CloudFlare without integration of Wp Fastest Cache plugin.

Make Website Speed Faster

Here you can also check the result of WP Fastest Cache after configuration with ClourdFlare. There is a big change in site speed. The WP Fastest Cache offering free, features are these like GZip, HTML, CSS and JavaScript minification. It works with the .htaccess file. After installation of this plugin, it will place the code in your .htaccess file. And when your site goes down. Then if you don’t update or remove the code from the .htaccess file, your site will not disappear.

Because in the options of WP Fastest Cache it asks when you update your post or page. Then whole cache remove or page or post-cache remove. So when you will choose option whole cache then obviously data will remove from your .htaccess file. WP Fastest Cache is easy in use you can check the result of this plugin hereunder:

Make Website Speed Faster

I have checked all method on my website and after that, I am sharing with you. By they way, CloudFlare is offering free account in which you can add one site. So I will suggest you don’t miss this chance. Because it’s free and you will get faster website after configuration CloudFlare

Make Website Speed Faster With WP Fastest Cache

Make website speed faster with the best setting of WP fastest Cache.

Make Website Speed Faster

Don’t enable GZIP compression. Just copy the code from the file. Just download it and paste it manually into your .htaccess file.

Download Code

If you know how to access .htaccess file then good otherwise just click on the previous link. This was the method to make website speed faster using the cache plugin. If you don’t satisfy with this plugin. Then you can see here tutorial of W3 Total Cache.

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