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How To Migrate A WordPress Site With Pictures?

If you don’t know how to migrate a WordPress site to new host then I am mentioned here tutorial with pictures Many hosts offer free WordPress site setup transfer but they demand 10-15 days. So it’s better to know WordPress website move from old host to new host manually by self. People paid money for website moving from old server to new server. But if you know move WordPress to the new server then you can save money. Keep in mind choose best web hosting who offer good services. I also discovered an article about Hosting Providers Speed Test comparison Report. You can see by visiting the previously mentioned link. In 2016 Inmotion hosting, Site Ground is going well.

Migrate A WordPress Site To Another Host

If you want to migrate a WordPress site to new host then just follow some simple steps.

  • Access File Manager From CPanel

After login CPanel just find File Manager.

File Manager CPanel

  • Backup Your Home Directory

Select all files and click on Compress button. After Compression Download it.

CPanel Compress and Download

  • Export Your WordPress MySql Database

Now the turn to export your database using phpMyAdmin. Select your databases one by one and export.

Just find out phpMyAdmin after CPanel login.


Now click on phpMyAdmin. You will enter in your databases panel. Select your database from the left pane.


Now click on export.

Export Database

Don’t make changes. Click on Go button.

Export Database 2nd Step

  • Create Database In Your New Host

Login your CPanel.

CPanel Login

Search MySQLDatabases from your new CPanel account.

MySQL Database

Now create a new database in a new CPanel.

Create Database Step 1

Now create a user for the database in a new CPanel.

MySQL Database

Create user of database

Give all access to admin.

  • Upload Home Directory To New CPanel
  1. If you will upload directly using CPanel then it will fail. So it’s better to use Filezilla.
  2. Download Filezilla client software and install on your PC.
  3. You have received an email from your new hosting company. Just find out host name or server IP. Host name or server IP use in Host portion of Filezilla.
  4. User username and password for Filezilla which you are using to sign in CPanel.
  5. New hosting company also sent port. Just enter and click on quickconnect.Filezilla Login Option
  6. After login Filezilla you will see like as under interface. Open public html folder.Filezilla Interface
  7. Just drag and place as below showing.Filezilla place here
  8. Now login your new CPanel account and find File Manager.File Manager CPanel
  9.  If you are on main, then find out public HTML from your left pane. Open it. Here you will see your upload zip file. Just extract it.
  10. After extraction just remove this. And find out the wp-config file and make some changes.
  • Make Changes in wp-config file

Open wp-config file. How to access the wp-config file WordPress?

Now find out these lines.

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘New Database Name’);

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘New Database User’);

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘New Password’);

After finding out these lines replace bold words with your new database name which you have created in your new CPanel account.

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘New Database Name‘);

Now replace bold words with your new username which you have created in your new CPanel account.

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘New Database User‘);

Now replace bold words with your new password which you have created for new CPanel account.

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘New Password‘);

You can see your database names and users by login CPanel account and MySQLDatabases. If you have more than 1 database then repeat this procedure.

MySQL Database

  • Import Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Now import your downloaded database to new CPanel account. Just login your new CPanel account.


After open it. Just select import.

Import database

Now choose database like shown below.

Choose export database

  • Change DNS Of Domain

Read here How To Change DNS In GoDaddy? This was the method to migrate a WordPress site to new host. If you face any difficulty you can leave a comment. You read about Migrate A WordPress Site to new host. If you face any difficulty. Then submit your comment in the comment section.

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