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How To Repair And Optimize SQL Database PhpMyAdmin?

Repair And Optimize SQL Database PhpMyAdmin

Optimize and repair database is very easy and important to run a site smoothly. Here we will discuss how to optimize SQL database PhpMyAdmin. Database optimization increases your site speed and also away from the crush. So after a week or a month don’t forget to optimize the database. You can optimize database after deleting revisions. Let’s start and show you how to optimize and repair database using PhpMyAdmin.

Optimize SQL Database PhpMyAdmin

  • Just login CPanel.
  • Now find out PHPMyAdmin and open it.
  • Select database which you want to repair by left pane from the drop-down menu.
  • A chart of rows will open also shown below.

Repair Table

This method will repair database table and you also get a confirmation message.

Table Successfully repair

MySQL Optimize Database By PhpMyAdmin

  • Select database which you want to optimize from the left drop-down menu.
  • Select tables which you want to optimize.
  • Now select optimize table from below drop down menu.

Optimize database

Here you will get again a confirmation message of successful optimized.

By the above method, you can repair and optimize MySQL database through PHPMyAdmin. Don’t forget to read Copy Table Data From One Database To Another In MySQL? 

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