How To Setup 301 Redirect .htaccess WordPress?

In this article, we will discuss setup 301 redirect through the .htaccess file of WordPress or through a plugin. Do you have an idea about URL redirect? What is redirect and how is it work? In this article, we will talk about setup 301 redirect URL, how we can create redirect URL in WordPress?

What Is Redirection In Linux Hosting?

Now we start to talk about what is redirection in Linux hosting? Redirect is a way in which you tell your visitor. That the page which you want to see now has moved to this URL. If you want to setup 301 redirect in Linux hosting then obviously you will use a .htaccess file. You can know more about What is hosting?

So when a visitor visits old one he will automatically reach on the new post, page or website. There are many types of redirection like 301, 302, and 307. We will not make this article complicate so we just talk on setup 301 redirect permanently. Read some when we need redirection?

When We Redirect URL From Old To New In WordPress?

Now we talk about when we redirect URL from old to new in WordPress? Often we make this when we remove any URL. You can create this of any page, post or website. If you want to move your visitors from old website to new website then prefer 301 redirect. After creation, the visitor will automatically move to your new website, page or post.

  • Don’t forget to create when you remove the post from your website.
  • Always create when you remove the indexed page from your website.

If you cannot create a redirect of removed URL then the user will face 404 error. This is not good for your site reputation after that Search engine also discourage your site ranking. So it’s better to make 301 redirect of your website.

301 redirect tell to user and search engine. That the post or page you are trying moved permanently to new URL. This method will not affect your site traffic and search engine also encourage this method. Now just see how to setup 301 redirect? Don’t forget to read Which Type Of Articles Accepted By Google?

How To Create A 301 Redirect WordPress Using Plugin

Now see how to create a 301 redirect WordPress using the plugin? This is an easier way to link an old post to new post with help of this plugin. By the usage of the plugin, you don’t need to use a single line of code. Just log in your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugin » Add new.


  • Now write in search bar “Redirection”.
  • Install this plugin and activate it.
  • After activation just see on your left side on WordPress dashboard. Tools » Redirection.

Setup 301 Redirect

Redirection plugin has extra benefit is that it will tell you about your WordPress website 404 errors also. After knowing you can join this easily with new one.

Page Links To

Now we talk about next plugin. How to link to a page or post? If you want to redirect a page or post to another post or page. Then this plugin will show a small box where just put your old URL and new URL and tell him open in a new tab or same tab. Just save the setting.  Read also How To Fix 404 Not Found Error In WordPress?

Setup 301 Redirect

Setup 301 Redirect using Simple 301 Redirects

Now just see how to setup 301 redirect using Simple 301 Redirects? Just simple install and activate this plugin by the above telling method. After that from your WordPress dashboard click on Setting » Simple 301 Redirects.  Now just set up the link using this WordPress plugin. This is a simple and easy plugin to remove 404 error. If you want to remain your website speed fast then you can use the code in .htaccess file.

Setup 301 Redirect

Setup 301 Redirect .htaccess Example

You can setup 301 redirects using the .htaccess file. For this, you need to access your .htaccess file. Keep in mind before doing anything with your .htaccess file, first backup and after that make changes. If you are facing to create .htaccess file then you can click the previous link.

This is the code you need to paste in your .htaccess file. Now it will send traffic from an old post, page or website to new.

RewriteEngine On
redirect 301 /OLD URL/ http://NEW URL/

Just replace bold words with 404 error URL and New URL. You can also read here about it 404 Page Not Found.

This was the method to setup 301 redirect using .htaccess file and plugin. If you have another idea then share in the comment section.

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