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Show Article Publish Date In Google Search Results?

Would you like to show article publish date in Google Search results? If yes, then good because this is plus point by SEO. When you want to grow your site traffic then first thing is SEO. Without SEO it’s impossible to grow traffic because you can get traffic from Social media sites like Facebook etc. But when your site will show in organic search then it is better from social media traffic.

Just build quality backlinks with quality content and get your site in organic search. The search engine finds publish date and update date after it gives ranking to that article. Let’s see with pictures article publish date in Google search results.

Show Article Publish Date In WordPress

See here how to show post publish date in WordPress with the help of screen shots.

Google SERPs

Here date is showing and telling to search engine article is published on that date. When you will update article on daily basis then SEO understand and index your site regularly. So this is good thinking to show date in SERP. If you are using Yoast SEO then it’s so simple to show date in Google Search Results.

In Yoast SEO they are offering date snippet option. If you will enable, then it will show publish date in your post description in Google Search Results. But if you use modified date code in your fuction.php. Then it will tell to search engine update date. Would you like to show post update date in meta? You can enable show date in Google Search result by following some steps like as under:

Yoast SEO Show Date Snippet (Article Publish Date)

If you want to show date in the page description, Google Search Results. Now just make some changes like as:

Show Date (Article Publish Date)

Now just verify these changes just click on Add new post and scroll down. You will see like as:

SERPs Date (Article Publish Date)

You have solved this issue don’t forget to read Best Yoast SEO setting for site ranking.

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