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How To Start Your Own Website Free?

How To Start Your Own Website Free?

If you are a businessman and want to make a website without paying. Then today I am starting tutorial for beginners who want to create website free online. This is an introduction about the website. The tutorial how to create a website consist of 6 tutorials. After completing these tutorials, you will be able to start your own website free.

If you want to start your own website free, it is very easy and you can also earn from blog or website.

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Let’s start and try to understand how to start your own website free? However, if you feel any hurdle then don’t hesitate, we will also tell you through skype and give you complete guideline just email us on

How To Start Your Own Website Free?

1| Purchase Domain

1st Purchase a domain from any site. Many sites like Go Daddy and 1&1. Here you can hire domain in just 99 rupees or 0.99 dollars for the 1st time after this normal charges will apply. Many other sites offer domain selling but I suggest to you purchase from the channel which is having good goodwill.

2| Get Hosting Plan

2nd Now the step is hosting. You can read about hosting so let’s read about Hosting by clicking on the link: what is hosting?

Hosting plans start from $10, however hosting rates depends on the plan which you will select. You can hire a plan from inmotion hostingIt’s a great hosting for start your own website free. The uptime of this hosting is 99.99. Let’s read more about this.

Some Ideas About Start Your Own Website Free

You have purchased a domain and hire a hosting plan now the turn to install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to your root directory. Now read here your first tutorial: Tutorial 1: How to make a free website?


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