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How To Start Your Own Website Free?

If you are a business man and want to make a website without paying then today I am starting tutorial for beginners who want to create website free online. This is an introduction about the website. The tutorial how to create a website consist of 6 tutorials. After completion these tutorials, you will be able to create a professional website at your home. Often you see different tutorials and every person tell about some strategy and after that leave you. But here I have also upload site configuration setting so you can easily start your own website.

I have given above mentioned questions here hope you will enjoy. If you want to make a site then it is very easy and you can also earn from blog or website. Read also Best Freelance Websites For Earning  I also discussed and you can find by searching. The question arise how much expense will occur for making a site? Let’s start and try to understand and if you feel any hurdle then don’t hesitate, we will also tell you through skype and give you complete guideline just mail us on

1st Purchase a domain from any site. Many sites like Go Daddy and 1&1. Here you can hire domain in just 99 rupees or 0.99 dollars for the 1st time after this normal charges will apply. Many other sites offer domain selling but I suggest to you purchase from the channel which is having good goodwill.

2nd Now the step is hosting, what is hosting? You can hire hosting from where you want but I suggest to you hire from your country so you can call him or visit their office when you face any problem. By the way, you can purchase from 10 dollars to so on. Hosting rates for 1 years and you can visit these sites for purchasing also I Page, Go Daddy, Host Gator etc. These are some sites which are offering hosting and I listen about Go Daddy that the hosting is not good so I suggest to you try Host Gator because I listen to many compliments about this. This is your last step now host your site and makes it and post articles on it.

Start A Website Free

After completion of your site follow these steps to verify your site on Google and Bing. You can choose WordPress as CMS because this is easy to use. Now problem is that if you have no idea about creation then what you will do? No worry you can watch videos from YouTube after 1 or 2 videos I hope you will create easily. This is easy simple and good CMS. Joomla and Drupal also offer CMS but these are little difficult so often people use WordPress. In WordPress, you can search out free plugins and free themes for your site.

You can also purchase themes for WordPress site but often people use a nulled theme in the nulled theme it cannot be updated. Keep in mind when you will update your WordPress then your site may be stuck. So I suggest to you if you are using nulled theme then don’t update your theme and WordPress. It will increase your tension. If you are using free plugins which is not nulled then you can update these.

Some persons also offer free plugins. Try to use minimum plugins for a WordPress site because it will slow your site. And In SEO site speed is counted when your site will better speed search engine will give point otherwise it will not rank. After that grip on SEO and show your site in organic search. When traffic will come on your site then obviously your earning will start. Just read about how to make a site and earn money? by visiting this tutorial Tutorial 1: How to make a free website?

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