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How To Turn Google AdSense Ads Into Success?

If you are a user of Google AdSense ads then you must know how to use Google Ads on a website to increase your revenue fast. However, if you don’t know how to use Google AdSense ads on WordPress website. Then don’t worry here you will be able to learn. I will try to tell you with pictures so you can understand easily.

First of all get Google AdSense Ads code by Sign in the account. If you don’t have then just Sign up Google AdSense account.

Create Gmail Account and sing in using this email id.

AdSense has strict policies to show ads on any sites it may be WordPress website, Joomla website or Drupal website. They have the same policy for everyone. An owner can show only 3 ads on per page of his website. More than are strict. If your site has a big quantity of visitors then you can show more than 3 ads per page after permission from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense have the same policy for everyone. An owner can show only 3 ads on per page of his website. If your site’s visitors are in huge quantity. Then you can maximize your revenue because Google AdSense are offering well rates from other competitors. Furthermore, you can read AdSense Program Policies.

Before Using Google AdSense Ads Just Approve Google AdSense?

I want to clear some points about Google AdSense here. If you want to approve Google AdSense in a day then this is impossible. AdSense approval process may be consist of 3 weeks or more than. When you apply for this than offering ads will not show.

Ads will show after approval of your account. If you have approved account then after placement of code ads will show after 2 to 3 hours. If not showing after 2 to 3 hours then you can contact with the support forum. Just submit your query and an expert will reply your answer.

I have already given an answer to what is Google AdSense in my post-Google AdSense approval tricks. By the way, I repeat my answer here. Google AdSense is a platform where you can advertise your business or you can also use this for earning.

Now we talk about AdSense revenue if your site visitors are 200 per month than your average Google AdSense revenue will be $300. If you are not satisfied from Google AdSense then you can also read top google AdSense alternatives.

However, you can boost your revenue by using some white hat tips. Keep in mind there is no way to get money fast with this platform so keep work and earn slowly but for the long term.

Furthermore, just see the below image to better understand the click through rates of ads.

Revenue Maximize Chart

How To Use Google AdSense Ads On WordPress Blog?

WordPress CMS is a great way for beginners who want to share their ideas with the world. A beginner can operate this content management system easily. Now we go on our topic the question is that How To Use Ads on WordPress blog? Google AdSense plugin is the best way for placing ads. However, if you are not satisfied with this plugin then Ad Inserter will help you which is updating regularly.

How Many Ads Can We Use For Earning?

Understand about how many ads can we use? Keep in mind don’t show more than 3 ads because this is against the policies. In start may be they ignore this but when you will earn a big amount. Then they will ban your account and money.

How To Make Google AdSense Ads?

Now the time to create an ad and get the code for placement on the site. Just get the code from Google AdSense and place on your website. The visitor will visit these ads and you will get money according to the current policy of Google AdSense. Making money with Google AdSense is easy if you earn honestly. Let’s see how to?

  • First, visit Google AdSense and get the code.

AdSense Dashboard

  • After it, click on New Ad Unit.

AdSense Ad Unit

  • Here Get code word will present just hit and copy code.

AdSense Ad Unit

  • A new window will open. Just copy Asynchronous code.

AdSense ad code

Lastly, if you want to show ads on mobile also. Then you need to enable Page level ads by the below method.

  • Just open AdSense account and click like showing below.

AdSense Page Level Ads

  • Here a code will display, copy the code by click on the Get code button.

Page Level Ad Get Code

  • Again copy the Asynchronous code from the new opened window.

Page Level Ad code AdSense

  • Now find out your header.php and paste this code between these tags <head>   </head>
  • Now install “Ad inserter” and activate it.

Lastly, if you don’t know the configuration of this plugin. Then read here: The A – Z Guide

After saving the setting be relaxed because ads will show after 2 hours.

Way to Put Google AdSense Ads for Making Better Revenue?

Read here way to put Google AdSense ads for making better revenue. However, click through rate is better if you follow the below pictures.

How To Put Google AdSense Ads On A Website To Make Better Revenue



Bonus Tip! How To Remove AdSense Ads From Website?

Learn how to remove AdSense ads from the website? If you want to discontinue work with this. Then you can remove ads. However, if you are using any plugin just deactivate it. Otherwise, remove code where you have placed. It will stop serving on your website. Read also Plugin For WordPress Website.

How To Put Google AdSense Ads On YouTube?

You can also earn from YouTube channel just read how to put ads on YouTube videos for earning? If you want to earn from it then don’t forget to create Youtube Channel this is so easy. After that just upload your own created videos. And put Google AdSense ads on YouTube.

Furthermore, link your AdSense account with YouTube channel. When you will monetize your YouTube channel with this. Then it will ask your id of AdSense just enter and go to next step.

It is not difficult to link both platforms. So, therefore we are not creating a tutorial about it but if you face any difficulty you can send us an email or comment us. We will publish an article about it.

  • First Login your YouTube channel.
  • After click on My Channel which will locate on your left side after YouTube logo like shown below.

Youtube Channel

  • Now click on Video Manager which will locate on your right side. Also shown below.

YouTube Channel Video Manager

  • Lastly, click on a channel and select monetization option. You can see below also.

YouTube Ads Monetization

I have already enabled Monetization option but your option will disable just enable it. After it, ads will server on your uploaded videos. When you upload and publish any video then you can get embed code from YouTube and use on your website.

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