How To Verify Your Site From Google And Bing?

How To Verify Your Site From Google And Bing?

How To Verify Your Site From Google And Bing? The answer to the question is not difficult here I am sharing the method to verify a website with Google. We will discuss how to verify a site using meta tag provided by Google. I also discovered an article here: How To Add A Website To Webmaster Tools? I hope that article will help you also. Let start and get Google site verification code. For this purpose, you must have Google Gmail Id. Without that, you cannot log in. If you have then good otherwise Sign up Gmail ID first and then try.

How To Verify Your Site From Google And Bing?

Here we will try to verify WordPress website by Google Webmaster Tools Meta Tag.

  1. First Sign up for Search Console. After Search Console account creation you will get like show below the interface.
  2. Now put your domain in the bar and click the continue button.
  3. Now you will get 3 methods. Here prefer recommended method.
  4. Now copy the meta tag and open your theme file header.php. Don’t forget to update your header.php file. If you know header.php file WordPress in WordPress then good otherwise, you can read discovered tutorial.
  5. Paste the copied code after <head> tag. It will find on the upper side of your file on 2nd or 3rd line.
  6. Now come back in your search console account and click on red verify button.
  7. You will get congratulation message. You Search Console account has verified.

When you have finalized your website after that don’t forget to submit your site to different search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are major search engine a method also described as under.

Method To Access Header.php

Go to your site admin panel of WordPress and hover on Appearance tab » Editor. 

Now press Ctrl+F and write header.php. It is seeing on your left side in the list of files.

Keep in mind always paste meta tag in the header of the theme otherwise the site will not verify. Now click on update file. It’s a method if you find code section in your theme then good otherwise that’s the best method for verification use it and enjoy. Where I paste Google analytic code in WordPress site? You can read here How to verify website on Bing?

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