Image Optimization Fastly Hacks (Maintain Image Quality)

Image Optimization Fastly Hacks (Maintain Image Quality)

While doing SEO image optimization is a necessary step which suggests by SEO experts also. So today we are coming with a video tutorial in which we will brief to image optimization fastly. Let’s read about the way which will give you a high-quality optimized image.

Image Optimization Fastly Hacks (Maintain Image Quality)

Image optimization is the fun where you are getting an image which is optimized but it is not affecting the quality of the image. Because if your site’s speed is going fast then obviously you are getting a good ranking on the Google. While following SEO strategies you are compelled to follow the guidelines of the search engine. The most important guideline described by the search engine is fast website speed. Now your website speed is depending on different factors in which images are also.

So here you will able to read a strategy which guides the image optimization fastly for your website. If you are a user of WordPress then you don’t need to install any image optimization plugin. Because the excessive usage of plugins will destroy your website. By the way, if you know about this then good otherwise you can read here a tutorial about it: Blogger SEO Tips That Followed By Major SEO Blogs.

Image Optimization Fastly With Photoshop

We are using Photoshop for the image optimization for our website. Why we prefer Photoshop? Because Photoshop is giving the optimized image by maintaining the image quality. There are unlimited WordPress plugins and online tools available for image optimization but they destroy the image quality. After it, if you are thinking to use a WordPress plugin then after a limited quantity it will ask for the key which is available by paying money.

But the Photoshop is the superb way to get the high-quality optimized image for free. You can do image optimization fastly by following some simple steps. If you want to watch the video then scroll down and watch the video. Otherwise, if you want to see the method via images then the given tutorial will help you; Optimize Images Without Losing The Quality.

Image Optimization Fastly Video With Focus On Image Quality

Now the time to watch the video to image optimization fastly while focusing on image quality also. It’s a 1-minute tutorial but it will give you a great lesson which works with site’s SEO.

At the end, you have read the way to image optimization fastly hacks while maintaining the image quality. If you like this then don’t forget to share this on the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Keep visit and enjoy more tricks which will update for you soon.

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