The Ugly Truth About Increase Website Traffic

Here today I will tell you the ugly truth about increase website traffic. You will able to learn increase website traffic tactics in just 4 steps. This is the real idea to generate website traffic by following four simple steps.

Let’s see how to increase website traffic?

If you see the Backlinko blog then he also shared a secret to increase website traffic. Every person wants to know the method because this is a great panic for every online business. Because if you don’t have traffic then you don’t have the business. Often by email, this question raise. So today I am sharing the secret in this article the method to increase website traffic.

Truth To Increase Website Traffic in 2017

Furthermore, I think you know the site’s traffic is a lifeblood of a site.

However, traffic is a most important factor while an online business. When the owner of a blog login to Google Analytics. Then the below background come in front of the eyes.

Analytics Overview

If this is flat then I want to tell you that nearly you will alone. Because nowadays more than 164 Million sites are working online.

Blogs Online

In which 70 to 75% have up to 5000 visits P/Month.

It’s mean less than 200 visits per day. However, if you are already the victim of this difficulty then you can increase website traffic and include your name in the list of popular bloggers.

First of all, I want to tell you…

Why People Tries To Increase Website Traffic….and Convert These into Permanent Customers

Here I will tell you the story of Backlinko owner who starts a blog about Nutrition space and after many years struggle, the blog has failed to increase website traffic. After it, he starts Backlinko and succeeds to increase website traffic. Now he has 100,000 unique visits per month.

Furthermore, he has Masters Degree in Nutrition and after it, he starts a blog which has failed.

He updates many articles on that blog and one example is here under:

Failed Blog Excerpt

Some Questions Arise?

Now the question arise he is a good blogger then why he failed?

Is he updated regularly?

Updated quality content?

Publish on social media?

The answers to all question by the Backlinko author is Yes.

Then why the blog failed?

Because he was not updated the data which was searched on the Google. He did not update the content which necessary to get traffic.

He failed to update the content which proves him he is an expert and people compel to hire him.

Now after winding up the blog he starts Backlinko and see the blog stats now:

Google Analytics Backlinko

According to him when he was starting to attract people himself then the traffic of his blog increase immediately. In fact, the people are those who were interested in their online SEO course.

According to him he also got emails from their readers:


Now perhaps you are boring because I am sharing the story of Backlinko’s author. In fact, first I want to tell you the thinking of another author and after it, my thinking. So you can also live your life by your own way.

If you are running an agency which is producing products or running a blog. Then you must produce a thing which is most searched by the people. Which is important and people love to read about it.

In simple wording, when traffic will come to your site then it will change these readers into the permanent user of the product.

You must create a content who compel your readers to share with other. When you have targeted this option then go to the next step:

What influencers Want?

You must need to know the influencers what they want? Because when you know the cause who compel these to press the button.

Like as:

A year ago I have created a post about the comparison between WordPress vs Weebly. The post earns thousands of visits in two days after publishing.

WordPress vs Weebly

Now, what is the reason for their visits? Because I have shared the Pros and Cons of WordPress and Weebly which compel the readers to capture. I have shared the problem which they can face in the WordPress and benefits which they can get in Weebly.

Lastly, if you want that people share your content on the web then you must know the desire of these people. What the people want and publish it.

Now the next step what?

Write About it Which They Want

After knowing now the turn to roll up your sleeves and start writing about that topic which they want.

Now just see the example of this:

A few months earlier I have published a post get organic traffic.


This post got thousands of organic visits. I note that beginners don’t know the way in which they can get traffic. And I have mentioned blogs in the above paragraph which is online. So you need to take a step timely because there is a big competition. Therefore, I have discussed some tips which can give organic visits. So this makes my post attractive and people read with the urge.

Lastly, the purpose of this section is to create a content which attracts the people and make a cause of increase website traffic from organic search results.

Last Step is What to Increase Website Traffic?

The last step to increase website traffic is to add share triggers in the content. Because the share triggers are the large way of success.

This is psychologically principles when it will embed in the content then it will capture the people to share and link this.

The share triggers also give Wow! Factor which changes the traffic in the customers. Many principles are discovered by scientists like Dr. Katherine Milkman, Dr. Jonah Berger and Jure Leskovec.

Social Trigger Principle

They also proved in the lab via trial and error. So when you will add it in the content then people will attract to share and link this.

The bottom line is to add social triggers in the content so your readers can share by the lovers of articles.

Do This Now

Now I want to do this now in your content.

I have discussed the first step to increase website traffic. Now if you want to ask a question then don’t hesitate and leave a comment in the comment section. You learned the method to increase website traffic and I hope the below article can help you.

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