No More Mistakes With IP Canonicalization Test

Read about IP canonicalization test and fix method with pictures. If you are on shared hosting and want to fix IP Canonicalization. Then you can fix this issue by reading this post. After placing the code in your .htaccess file which I will share with you. Just test your site I hope you will rid that issue after placement. I am sharing this method for those persons who are using Apache server or Nginx Server. I hope this method will work for those people who want to make SEO score better by IP Canonical fix. Just paste IP Canonicalization code after RewriteEngine On in your .htaccess file.

If you know how to access your .htaccess file? By fix IP Canonical you can better rank on SE. When you are using shared hosting than on a one IP address more than 100 sites has hosted. But if you are using dedicated server then you get a separate IP address. When you are on a dedicated server then you can access your site using domain and IP address both. So now we will try to make our shared hosting IP address like a dedicated server.

But keep in mind this method work sometimes often we cannot access our site using IP address in shared hosting. I hope you will like this article how to increase post font size in WordPress?

First Do IP Canonicalization Test

Now first do IP Canonicalization Test of your site. Visit the below link and place your site for IP Canonicalization Test:

Second Fix IP Canonicalization Issue In Nginx

The second method to fix IP canonicalization issue in Nginx.

  • First, sign in your Nginx server. Backup or nginx.conf file.
  • Now the turn to create server block like shown as under:
server {
server_name 45.55.20.xx;
return 301;

 Just restart Nginx now. Everything will ok.

Fix IP Canonical Issue .htaccess?

Now just see how to fix IP canonical issue using .htaccess file?

  • Sign in your CPanel. Backup your httpd.conf file.
  • Check mod_rewrite enable if enable then good otherwise see here how to enable mod_rewrite?
  • Now search this line RewriteEngine On
  • Now place below code after this line like showing as under pic also.
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Edit File in CPanel
.htaccess file edit

Just change IP address with your site IP address. If you know your site IP address then good. Otherwise, you can see here: How to find your Website server IP address? Lastly, just IP Canonicalization Test and check your grade.

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