Is My Website Regularly Indexed (Updated)

Is My Website Regularly Indexed By Bing And Google?

Is My Website Regularly Indexed By Bing And Google? IS Google and Bing index your site regularly or not? The question arises in every mind who start the online business newly. How to check and how to solve? If Google & Bing does not index your site regularly then don’t worry I will tell you a solution of this problem.

To check your site is indexed or not you have to sign in your webmaster tool. Now click on Google Index Tab. Now you will find a number of pages the search engine has indexed. If you see less number of pages then you will also experience less traffic level. Or another way is to write your site name in Google search bar like my site name is Global Blurb then write Now you will see your site’s articles and categories etc.

Is My Website Regularly Indexed By Bing And Google?

Finding The Reason Behind Your Indexing Problem

If you look your webmaster tools give an answer in a negative sense. It’s mean your all pages are not found by Google crawler. Now require more concentration for examination what is the problem with pages due to your site pages are not indexed. Let’s go to the next step of my website regularly indexed by Bing & Yahoo.

Does Your Site Have Crawl Errors?

Now see on your dashboard with the name of crawl errors. The mostly error tell by Google is 404 error. The 404 error indicates that the page you are searching is not found on this site so try another. This error also danger for your site. Because 404 error affects your site repute.

Some other issues also experienced like as under:-

Examples of Robots.txt file

User-agent: *

This example told to your search engine go anywhere where you want nothing is hidden from you.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This example tells to search engine don’t get anything and go. In this example, the search engine will not take anything from your site. It will also ignore to crawl.

Some More Factors Involve In Website Regularly Indexed

  • .htaccess: This is a file which is invisible from your eyes you can see by showing hidden files. You can change this file also but keep in mind if you will enter an irregular code you can lose your site.
  • Meta Tags: Meta Tag is an essential thing for your site. If you have no meta tag then also your site will not know by search engine so place in header section <head>between this tag</head>. Furthermore, I suggest using Yoast SEO Plugin. If you are going to install then follow here some steps: Setting of Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Sitemap: If you are facing sitemap errors then you have to recover it. Update your sitemap regularly. First Google will take your sitemap auto but if you experience your sitemap are not submitting auto then submit manually.
  • URL Parameter: Google also offers URL Parameter option. If you have no idea about this then don’t try this otherwise it will harmful for your site.
  • Host Issues: If your site goes on a long error like down or other then Google also ignore your site so try to choose the best hosting. Hosting plays a very big role in your site PR.
  • Other Issue: If you are redirecting your site from old to new or new to old it’s also a reason because maybe your new or old domain has a penalty from Google.

When you are purchasing domain keep in mind don’t forget to check this site on Wayback machine to see your site have was hosted in earlier years or not. Wayback machine will give you all data which you want about any site.

Does Your Site Have Syntax Errors Or Structural Complications?

If your site has a syntax error or structural complications it will also stop to Google and you face deindexing site. Check your site on W3C’s HTML Validator ( Now see the report and try to solve issues.

Google advice make your site structure so simple and it will open in one test link you can use your site by using Lynx. Your site frames, JavaScript, IDS, and cookie ignored by the crawler.

Does Your Site Have Inbound Links?

Does your site have an inbound link? It’s a very simple and complicated question. Now the question arises how to get an inbound link? Don’t worry you can get thousands inbound link by submitting your site high PR DoFollow submission directories. You can get a quality backlink by sharing your link on Google Plus, Linkedin, and Youtube Channels. Offsite SEO is also the best way to index your site. So try to do Offsite SEO.

Does Your Site Penalize By Google Or Any Other Search Engine?

One is the worst news is Google penalized your site. Which type of reasons that Google penalized to your site. Some reasons I am sharing with you just concentrate may be you are following these:-

  • Auto Generating Content
  • Link Schemes
  • Duplicate Content
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Illegal Content
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Hidden links and text
  • Affiliate programs with little content value
  • Irrelevant keywords
  • Trojan, Viruses

You have read about is my website regularly indexed? If you like this then share with your friends. However, if you need our help then contact us. Good luck! and keep share is my website regularly indexed with your students and friends.

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