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Laptop MAC Address in Windows – Media Access Control

How To Check The Laptop MAC Address in Windows

Every device which linked to a network has the unique hardware address which is known as laptop MAC address or device MAC address. The MAC address known as media access control address. However, if you don’t know the address where available then it can find out easily by following some simple steps. However, if you are searching the MAC address for the internet router for securing your connection then that’s the bad method.

There are some reasons to know the Medica Access Control address/ laptop MAC address. However, it also is known as physical address/ hardware address of any device. While setting up the router or want to allow the specific device or deny the specific device then you need the laptop MAC address or device physical address. Moreover, this is not a secure way to secure your network because the laptop MAC address/ device MAC address can be changed or spoofed easily. However, the other reason to check the Laptop MAC address/ device MAC address is that you have allowed excessive MAC address and now want to remove the specific one.

Laptop MAC Address

Luckily, you can check the laptop MAC address in Windows easily with the help of CMD (Command Prompt) from the settings of your network adapter.

Laptop MAC Address in Windows – Media Access Control

Let’s read the way how to find out the laptop MAC address in Windows via CMD (Command Prompt).

1| Open CMD (Command Prompt)

Just press the Windows+R button and type CMD or you can click on the search bar which is available in the taskbar. The second way is to right click on the start button and select the Command Prompt.Command Prompt

2| Type Here The Command

Now copy the below command and type in the CMD.

ipconfig /all

ipconfig all

3| Laptop MAC Address Here

You have done via CMD (Command Prompt) to find out the physical address. Here you will see “Physical Address” words and these are the Laptop MAC address.

Physical Address

Laptop MAC Address in Windows via Network Connection Settings

Furthermore, you can find out the physical address in windows via Network connection settings also.

1| Search for Network Connections

You need to here search for the “network connections” by clicking on the taskbar or pressing “Windows + R” button. However, you can search for network connections from the control panel, just click on the Control Panel » Network and Internet » Network Connections.

Network connections

2| Open Active Network

Now just open the active network and right click on the status » Details.

Active Network

3| Windows Physical Adress Here

Here you will find out the windows physical address/ media access control address.

Physical Address

That’s the method to check the Laptop MAC address step by step. However, if you like this then don’t forget to like us on Facebook. Moreover, don’t forget to read the below collection of the articles which has collected for your interest.

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