20 Link Building Techniques for 2017

20 Link Building Techniques for 2017

Let’s read about 20 link building techniques for 2017 and rank your website higher on the Google.

White Hat Link Building Techniques for 2017

Link building has been failed from previous few years due to the irregular usage of wrong link building techniques. Link building is a great factor regarding site ranking. Many SEOs says only quality content and On-Page SEO necessary for site’s ranking. According to the research, Google said Link building is a good technique for rank a site. Without link building, it’s very difficult to rank a website and grab traffic from organic search. Google considers links and you should do concentrate on link building techniques.

Changing in Google Penguin

Before 2012, April anyone can easily rank a site on the behalf of links and get links is really easy. On the behalf of these links, your site shows on the first page of Google. But that is so old now the technique, not works.

Rank a Site Without follow the Link Building Techniques?

I will say no this is impossible to rank a site without following the link building techniques.

Why am I thinking like that?

  1. Because this is Google’s #1 factor
  2. Quality links deserve to rank well
  3. Links are a power of content
  4. They make trust for search engine
  5. Google rank your website on the behalf of links

You don’t need to follow these lines because I am saying. You need to read directly from Google: Webmaster guidelines.

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Are All Links are Same Authority?

All links to your site are not the equal authority because the quality is better than quantity. Few quality backlinks are better than hundreds of low-quality links. Furthermore, low-quality backlinks cannot give you ranking on the search engine. A search engine like Google can penalize to your site due to a low lever and excessive quantity of backlinks.

You need to understand some points regarding backlinking:

  • Links quantity to root, subdomain and domains.
  • How many links are generated on weekly or monthly base?
  • Which type of links is generating like nofollow, dofollow, redirects, Javascript or Frames etc?
  • Links power and trust.
  • Links keywords to your site.
  • Link’s risk.

Furthermore, these are some main points which are evaluating in different cases. A link authority also considers when they are linking in the same country, language, and same category. That’s why we suggest using a good backlink evaluation tool for your site.

What Google’s Rules Hidden on The Back of Link Building Techniques

Because all backlinks do not have same authority so be careful while creating backlinks. While creating backlinks, create which are relevant to your website and link with quality content. Because due to quality backlinks search engine will rank your website and your business will grow.

Furthermore, create natural backlinks, don’t create with automatic software.  Links which are created for your site are a backbone for your website. So don’t forget the Google Guidelines.

Bad Link Building vs Good Link Building

Reciprocal Links

Link exchange in excessive quantity or cross-linking to other websites have a negative impact on the site’s ranking. But if you are doing linking to the relevant site and relevant to the point. Then it is a quality backlink. For example, if you are linking a post of SEO to Health tips. Then this is a spam link and will affect your ranking.

Guest Posting

While writing a guest post doesn’t create excessive backlinks. If you are writing a post on SEO then you need to add a link as an evidence. Because an anchor text link to be an irrelevant article will affect site’s ranking.

Web Directory Backlinks

While submitting your site to web directories don’t submit to all. Because submitting to irrelevant directories will affect your site ranking so submit to those directories which are relevant to your site or post.

Comments Backlinks

Comments which are submitting like that are spammy:

Thanks for sharing great article….. Jane SEO Agency.

So comment on those post which is relevant to your site. Don’t post a link in the comment section. Because when you create your profile on a forum then you add your site’s link in the profile. So when you will post a link then a quality backlink will auto create on the back.

Link Purchase

Links purchase is a good way and the best link building techniques but when a person links to the irrelevant site or irrelevant post. Then it will destroy your site’s ranking. So we suggest investing on creating quality content and promote it on the web. Quality content attracts visitors to link your site.

So if you want to make better your site’s ranking then we will not give you suggestion to purchase links from any automated software or website.

Link Building Techniques for 2017

However, it’s difficult to follow link building techniques but it can be easy if you do a work for this. You can save your time and money because if you follow these ones then you can rank any site in a minimum time.

1| Try For Backlinks

It’s a very simple and easy step if you are a beginner. Now just think which relatives, friends or colleagues have a website or blog. Now if their blog or website is relevant to your then try for a backlink on their site. You can ask for the inline content or footer link.

When you are getting the backlink from the other blog then it must be relevant to your blog or site. Otherwise, it will count spam and can be risky for your website.

2| Start Building Relations

If you want to follow the link building techniques 2017 ten you need to start building relations via different channels. However, there is an excessive quantity of Social Networking sites availalble. You can create contacts on different forums and other questioning and be answering search engines.

Now take the first step and start building relations by posting relevant comments on the posts and contribute to discussions. Due to the participating, you will get quality backlinks with a good relation.

3| Testimonial Link Building Technique

Link building in which testimonial method use is the best link building technique. Furthermore, many blogs or sites offer you to say about yourself or about your product and share your experience.

On the other hand, it’s the best way to make trust in the heart of people and you have a chance to get quality backlinks and traffic. However, sometimes companies give you a chance by placing your site backlink on their platform.

4| Create A Blog

Creating a blog is a too much great idea but a single post article’s blog forsaking the backlinks is a spam purpose. If you have done this then you have wasted your time with taking a risk for your site. If you have a blog then you need to focus on the life of this.

Publish posts on the regular basis and don’t update irrelevant posts because it will lose the trust of the search engine. So while publishing posts keep in mind is it relevant to your website and blog.

While updating your blog check are you writing a quality content that is really likable and People wants to read again and again?

5| Submit To The Directories

Submit your website to the directories because all directories are not bad. Don’t submit your website to the low PR directories because these are ignored by the search engines. So while submission keeps in mind are you submitting to the relevant directory?

A good directory example is that, which is providing informative information with a quality backlink. So good directories are also a great chance to get a quality backlink and get the popularity of the website.

6| Start Guest Posting

There is a big list of blogs which are accepting guest posts. So start guest posting and write a content which is really a good picture of your website. While writing an article keep in mind the below following steps:

  • Is it relevant to your website? The site where you want to publish your article is relevant to your site?
  • The article is the picture of your website so write informative.
  • While creating an article write informative and quality content.
  • Keep in mind low-level article will affect the site’s reputation.

It’s important you are building links are really favorable or affecting the ranking of your site. So while following the link building techniques create quality backlinks not spam links. Because it will ignore by the search engines and also affect the ranking of the site.

Advanced Link Building Techniques

The most difficult work in White Hat SEO is what? That is link building which is so simple and so hard if you don’t know in depth. However, if you are using a good link building tool then it can be simple for you otherwise wrong link building techniques can harm your website. However, I will suggest using Link Research Tools which has developed with a different combination of tools which discover high-quality links for you.

7| Common Backlinks From Competitors via Common Backlinks Tool

While searching your competitor’s site you will notice common backlinks and you don’t have. However, if your competitor can manage this then why you should not?

Furthermore, you need to analyze and try to manage these. However, Common Backlinks Tool will help you to get a report of 10 competitors at a time. The tool will discover common backlinks and also tell you the link building techniques which follow by your competitors.

Common Backlinks From Competitors

8| Get Indirect Backlink via Link Juice Theif

Now the turn to know which type of text your competitors has linked the site. While analyzing your competitor’s site you will notice some links are same, now Link Juice Thief will help you to know where these links find.  Furthermore, the results of Link Juice Thief and Common Backlinks Tool has same.

Get Indirect Backlink

Furthermore, these type of links are powerful and helpful for your website and rank your website higher on the major search engine. But keep in mind while following this technique when you will get backlink then your competitor will also get an indirect backlink from your site.

The (LJT) Link Juice Thief help you for getting a high-quality backlink from high authority website.

Now, why are you waiting just start today and get the high-quality backlinks? Before making backlinks check the sites these are relevant to yours. Because if these will relevant then you can earn decent LRT power trust.

However, I don’t know if other tools also offering the Link Juice Thief but Link Research Tools is offering this and also offer a trial for a week. So let’s start to get quality backlinks and ranking….. Let’s read the next step of advanced link building techniques.

9| Recover Dead Links

Sometimes your website has broken links and you don’t have the idea about it. So it’s better to recover dead links. 404 error occurs when the webmaster tool misspells the link or the page or post has moved to another location. In both situation the 404 error page display on the front of the user.

Mostly the 404 error occurs when the site has re-introduced or migrate to another domain. So you need to create redirect immediately.

However, there are many tools available on the web some are free and some paid but we suggest to use Google Webmaster tools. It’s a free tool to find out the 404 error and you know Google is the top major search engine on the web.

First of all, read about the 301 redirect and after it, work on it because due to wrong coding in the .htaccess file can down your website.

Don’t Forget To Check Wikipedia’s Dead Links

Google finds the trustworthy site to Wikipedia and if you have the NoFollow link from Wikipedia then it is more than trustworthy from other doFollow links. However, a best free tool for checking the dead links of Wikipedia is Wikigrabber.

Getting a link from Wikipedia is not easy so for getting a link from this, you have a depth knowledge and after it, you will succeed because Wikipedia bans those ones who start the spam. So you need patience and depth knowledge for getting a link from Wikipedia.

10| Suggest To Add Your Link

That’s the easiest way to get quality backlinks. In this way, you will search those blog who have mentioned your blog or website name on their posts. Just search out these blogs and write an email like showing under:

“Hey [NAME],


I see a post on your website as you have mentioned me on this [WEBSITE], [Your Page] about [The Subject]. Thanks for doing that I really appreciate it.

However, I was wondering if you add a link because it will make the posting user-friendly people can find out more about [The Subject].

I think it would be super-useful for your visitors.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Thanks a lot.

Good Luck!

[Your Name]”

Here you will suggest that please add a link to my product or website and if they add then you will get many quality backlinks for your website.

11| Search For Powerful Competitors Backlinks

Google Penguin has told in the update of 2012, if you want to rank your website higher on the Google then you need to search for Powerful backlinks for your website. Because it will give to rid off the penalty and save the work. Now the question is this where to find those links which are safe and healthy for your website. However, here we will suggest the tool Link Research Tool to find out the powerful competitors backlinks for your website.

12| Find The Most Relevant Links

There are unlimited sources available on the Google for getting backlinks. Because there is a huge list of forums, blogs, and websites where you can visit and place your comments or guest post for getting the backlink. But before posting the comment or guest it should be relevant to your website.

However, here we have published the list of some blogs and forums for getting the quality backlinks.

Read Here: List PR9 Dofollow Forums for Quality Backlinks

13| Don’t Forget To Concentrate on Competitor’s New Links

Now getting the links is a routine work but be concentrate on the new links of your competitor’s links. So Link Alerts (LA) will help you to inform about the competitor’s links. The tool provides the email system when it will find the links to your competitor’s website. It will inform you via email. Furthermore, it will also inform you about the low-quality links which are risky for your website. So you have a chance to react immediately while getting the email about the low-quality links. The tool will save your website form Google’s penalty and rank well.

14| Start Campaign or Contest

Every SEO expert suggests getting .gov or .edu links because they have a lot of search engine trust. But this is not easy to get it so for this purpose you need to start a campaign or contest.

However, here you can read the Hoth SEO’s way to get .gov or .edu link let’s read: The HOTH SEO ScholarshipHe starts to give scholarship for those students who write a post on the topic “How Companies Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing”.

You know why Hoth start this question because they have access to the Universities blogs and magazine. You know Hoth got many high-quality backlinks from different .gov and .edu sites.

Get Quality Backlinks With Quality Content

Link building also an easy way and you can quality backlinks with quality content. While doing a business your first priority is to provide the quality products to your customers. Because you want to earn user’s trust and want to earn a good will. Like that Google’s first priority is to provide the content which collects from reliable sources.

So you can get quality backlinks with quality content because Google wants to provide the good user experience to their users. A big and nice thing of quality content is that your content will grab organic visitors from Google and this is the great thing for any website.

What is The Meant Of Quality Content?

It must be findable on the search engine and desirable from the visitors. Furthermore, it must be useful and valuable.

Lastly, Google is checking some technical points of your website like site load speed, navigation, design, the density of the keywords etc. After it, checking the click-through rate, bounce rate etc. of your website and give points regarding this.

However, with the passage of time, Google is giving you quality backlinks also. However, quality backlinks a #1 factor with quality content.

15| Infographics

On the web, some people need information visually and some want in the shape of infographics. So if you want to earn quality backlinks from your visitors then it’s also possible to earn from infographics. While writing a post you need to add infographics in the content so the visitor can easily to understand the issue and solution of their problem.


16| Lists

Lists are also a great way to increase clicks and quality backlinks. However, it’s we are not saying, that’s psychiatrist says that people love lists. Just check the example of below two lines:

  • “Why Green Tea Good For Your Health?”
  • “5 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Drink Green Tea?”

Now if you ignore the above line then obviously you will click on the second one.

17| Research & Case Studies

There is no doubt that your written content is really valuable and interesting but if you want to earn the trust of your visitors then you need to insert research and case studies. Research & Case studies can give you a lot of backlinks which will trustworthy for the search engine.

Market Research – Who You Can Get BackLinks From

You can get researchers from the web, as well as newspaper etc.

18| Newsletter For Quality Backlinks

Usually, we don’t know about the importance of Newsletter. The newsletter publishment gives awareness and attention of the people about your post. With the great newsletter, you can increase share and links from other freelancers. Because people search on the web about the newsletter and when they find the best one then they add this in their research.

So while publishing the newsletter you need to add an attractive call to action button which attracts the visitor and makes this permanent.

19| Additional Text

If you want to make your site’s post more attractive and valuable then you can add additional text in which like as:

  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Recordings
  • Podcasts from research

However, on the web, there are plenty of places to get the additional text for your post. It will increase the authority of your post with domain authority.

20| Learn From Competitors

There is plenty of articles available on the web which is not reading by the visitors and ignore. Becuase they have written but no potential in the article so you need to learn from your competitors or from other writers.  While writing makes a check which keyword is more searchable on the web.

Beginners make mistake while choosing the topic. Let’s see if you want to write on health and you don’t know the most searchable topics. So you need to worry about it, just visit the LSI graph and write the keyword here. It will suggest the long tail keywords and start writing on this topic. However, Moz Keyword explorer is also the best way to give suggestion about the topic.

Lastly, you have read about 20 link building techniques for 2017, if you like this then share on the social media sites and don’t forget to read the below collection of sites which are as given below:

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