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Lizard Prevent To Come In Your House/ Room Tips

How To Get Rid Of Lizards With Smart Tips And Solutions?

How To Prevent Lizard? Stop Lizard To Come In Your House Tips How to away from Lizards? Rid from Lizards and enjoy. Lizard’s prevention tips. How to prevent Lizards from your house? How to stop Lizards from your home or kitchen. Get tips to prevent/ stop Lizards from your house/ room or kitchen.

Lizard is an innocent insect but every girl fear from this. So today we will tell you how to rid from Lizard. We see Lizard everywhere whether he is house or outside of a house, Lizard sees everywhere. You know you can rid of Lizard by Peacock’s feather? If no then we will tell you, the houses which have feathers of Peacock Lizard will not see in these houses. Lizard away from Peacock’s feather. We noticed if you keep Peacock’s feather no Lizard will show in your house. Lizards afraid from Peacock’s feathers. Try and rid from Lizards. Put Peacock’s feather where you find Lizard. After Peacock’s feather, Lizard will not show on this place.

If you use the balls which are prepared with Naphthalene, it also proves helpful to rid from Lizards. Place these balls where you see Lizards coming. It’s also noticed if you spray of Pepper spray you can rid of Lizards. If you want to prepare this spray at your home then take Red Pepper and Black Pepper powder. Now splash this mixture on your walls or the place where Lizards comes. You can also rid from Lizards by following this.

If you want to catch the Lizard and throw outside from your house then take cold water and throw on Lizard when Lizard collapse, you can throw outside of your house. If you put egg’s cover, Lizard also away from your house due to the smell of egg. If you put Onion or Garlic, Lizard also away from your house due to the smell of Onion and Garlic. Try these tips to rid of Lizards and enjoy. You may also like How To Control High Blood Pressure At Home?

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