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Winning Tactics For Login VPS Via SSH/ Putty

We will discuss access VPS server through SSH. Now we proceed our discussion about how to login VPS via SSH/ Putty? Before proceed to log in just ensure the below steps:

  • Is your account have SSH access?
  • Is your IP address is whitelisted? However, you can read here add IP address to a firewall.
  • Ensure are you an SSH client?

By the way, if you are a user of shared or Reseller hosting plan then you can read here the method to access just click on the link Generate SSH Key Linux Command Line

Furthermore, here we will discuss PuTTY for connecting to VPS or dedicated server using SSH. However, if you don’t have SSH client ready then you can download PuTTY and use it for this purpose.

Do Following Setting For Login VPS Via SSH/ Putty

Host: Here you can use your domain, server name or server’s IP address

Name: Just see an example of server’s name (vps###### or domain)

Username: CPanel username

Password: CPanel password

Connect Using PuTTY To Login VPS Via SSH/ Putty

Now we proceed to talk about connect via PuTTY to login VPS via SSH.

  • First, open PuTTY.
  • Now enter hostname here and open it. (Note: If you are getting the error while connecting then make sure your IP address is available in Firewall? If not then you can read the method by scrolling up.)


  • By getting security alert ignore it and proceed to next step.


  • Here you need to enter a username and proceed.


  • Now enter the password and hit enter. However due to the security reasons, PuTTY will not show password. So don’t worry about it.


  • After successful login, you will see (username@vps####, biz.server’s domain [~]#)

Furthermore, if you get an error of SSH access not enable then contact your hosting company. While you can also enable this using WHM. Just read here a tutorial about it. Enable SSH Via WHM CPanel .

Lastly, you have read about login VPS via SSH/ Putty. In the case of difficulty, you can leave a comment in the comment section. I hope you have liked the above article in which you learned how to login VPS via SSH/ Putty. Now read below supporting articles maybe they can help you.

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