Make AMP Pages? (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

In this article, we will discuss how to make AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? First Google takes the decision to ban those sites which are not mobile friendly. After it, he bans thousands of unresponsive sites. Now he takes a step to make AMP pages on every site. So if you want to rank your site then make AMP pages. Otherwise, maybe they penalize due to a little thing.

Google also start an open source project for this purpose. The meaning of AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP pages quickly open on mobile, tablet or iPhone. Due to the android mobile often people online using these. So now Google also want to give a better experience to the visitors by using this project. Many articles published about aka Accelerated Mobile Pages project. Due to this project, some plugins are introduced like Glue For Yoast SEO & AMP.

If you want to make your site’s page Accelerated Mobile Pages then simple install AMP plugin and active it. After it installs Accelerated Mobile Pages support plugin to control and design your AMP pages. Some plugins are offering AdSense ads placement and analytics also.

If you want to implement AMP code in your theme. Then no need to create a child theme or other code placement. Just install two plugins and enjoy.

Make AMP Pages With A Supportive Plugin

Now just read here how to make AMP pages with a supportive plugin? For this purpose, you need to install and activate two plugins. Which are AMP and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

  • Go to WordPress directory and Search for AMP

Install Plugin

  • Now just active it and again click on Add New and install AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin
  • After it just click on Appearance » AMP

Open AMP option

  • If you want to make any change like header color or link color etc.

AMP Front Page Customization

  • After it now click on Plugins » Installed Plugins and click on setting

Plugin Setting

  • Now just see the setting. It’s not difficult


General Tab Setting


Just leave this as default


SEO Tab Setting


  • Go to your Appearance » Menus 





Keep as default


Don’t make modification in this option

Structure Data

Now the turn to use logo for AMP pages

Structured Data

You have done setting for your page. Now the plugin will add amp tag with every link like as under:

<link rel="amphtml" href="">

This is the best plugin which is offering the advance setting of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some plugins are available other than this but they are not offering a setting like this. By the usage of this plugin, you don’t need to use coding. The reason for the usage of this plugin is that. Due to the incompatibility of code you can get an error in your template. So it’s a better way. See the result of the SEO Tab Setting (AMP Pages)It’s the turn to show my AMP pages result. After the first week while implementation of this AMP plugin.


If you are a user of Yoast SEO plugin. Then you have a good chance to rank your site and Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s possible when you configure Yoast SEO Plugin properly.

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