It Will Perfect To Make Rose Water: Read Or Miss Out

If you want to make rose water at home then we need ingredients like as mention:

Oil Based Make Rose Water Require Ingredients

  1. Rose Essential Oil: 12 Drops
  2. Distilled Water:      1 Cup (240 Milliliter)



  1. Take a glass jar or Quality plastic for the preparation of 100% pure rose water.
  1. Just use distilled water. If you don’t have then you can also use filter boil water and after cool down you can use. Fill your jar with water.
  2. Now add essential oil 12 drops in it. Now mix it or you can close the jar and shake well.

Your rose water has prepared now pour it into your desire pot.

Dry Rose Petals For Make Rose Water Require Ingredients

  1. Dry Rose Petals: ¼ Cup
  2. Distilled Water: 1 1/4 Cup (300 Milliliter)

Dry Rose Water

  1. Put dry rose petals in the jar in which you have hot water. (Note: Use hot water not boiled water.)
  2. Now just keep the jar for cool.
  3. After 15-20 minutes you can filter rosewater in another pot.

Your rose water from dry petal has prepared.

Fresh Rose Petals For Make Rose Water Require Ingredients

  1. Fres Rose Petals: 1 Cup (Approx: 2 Roses)
  2. Distilled Water:   2 Cup (400 Milliliter)
  3. Vodka:                   1 Teaspoon (Depend On You)

Rose Water

  1. Now take a pot and keep your rose petals in it.
  2. Pour some water not too much.
  3. Keep on low heat and wait. After a bit time, you will see your rose water recipe for skin has prepared.

Now you can pour in another pot. Rose water is a most beneficial thing.

Rose Water Skin Benefits

Now more read about Rosewater skin benefits. Make rose water is very easy. You can make rose water at home in simple steps. It is the very useful thing for young and children. You can create it by the above told method. By the way, you can purchase from the market but original is difficult to find. Preparation at home is not the difficult way.

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Rose Water Benefits

Let’s see here above Rosewater benefits for human body.

  • By the usage, we can reduce redness of skin
  • Keep the skin hydrated and make the skin fresh
  • Best for oily skin, keep control pH balance and make skin fresh every time
  • Cent of Rosewater if you use on your pillow make you refresh
  • Wrinkles free remedy
  • Best to use for hairs. Make hair long and work as anti-dandruff

These are some benefits, in fact, there are uncounted, if we start it then it will be difficult to write in some words. So don’t leave natural think usage every thing contain millions of benefits.

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