Makeup At Home Without Going To Parlor – Expert Tips

Makeup At Home Without Going To Parlor - Expert Tips

How To Do Your Own Makeup at Home? We will tell you simple makeup tips which will make you beautiful. You can make better your skin to follow these tips which we will tell you. If you want to attend any ceremony or you want to go anywhere then facial or bleach before 2 days of going.

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Now we will tell you how to do makeup at home tips. How to makeup at home because of its time and money saving. If you want to go in urgency and you make a call on your parlor due to rush you fail to get time so you can apply these tips. These will give you better result from your parlor. Let’s start and follow:

Makeup At Home Without Going To Parlor – Expert Tips

Now the time is sharing the expert tips how to do makeup at home without going to the parlor. Let’s read here as under step by step and enjoy!

  • Take a sponge and dip in bleach or base. Now place on your face. If you have a black circle around your eyes then you can also use concealer to remove these circles.
  • Now give a soft touch of peach or pink or use that color which is matching with your dress.
  • Now the turn-off eyes. Use eye shades according to your dress. Now make a thin line with eyeliner. Due to waterproof mascara, you feel burn in your eyes so you can transparent mascara instead of waterproof mascara.
  • Before the use of lipstick create an outline with lip liner and use lipstick according to your face.
  • If you have short hairs then you can blue dry otherwise, you have the option to make style.

You have read the way how to Makeup at home without going to the parlor. If you like this then don’t forget to share on the Facebook.

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