Meta Description Duplicate Content (A Practical Experience)

Meta Description Duplicate Content (A Practical Experience)

Do you have any idea about Meta Description Duplicate Content? If not then read an impressive article published on Moz. While doing SEO duplicate content behave like a serious disease which destroy site’s reputation in the sight of the Search Engine. Then why are you waiting and don’t fix Meta Description Duplicate Content? I hope you know that every person wants to show the content which is unique so the visitor loves him and the bounce rate also improve.

Then which reason has compelled you to make duplicate data and update on the web. SEO prefer quality content, good usage of keywords and quality backlinks. When you have succeeded to create then it will give you remuneration in the shape of site’s ranking.

Due to this, your site’s can penalize from the search engine and it’s very bad for your site’s image on the web. So timely fix duplicate content by the below methods:

Meta Description Duplicate Content Checker

Let’s see the way how you will check duplicate Meta description? If you have submitted your site to Google then good otherwise just submit it.

After it, just create an account of Search Console.

Furthermore, when you will click on Crawl » Crawl  Errors. You will see different errors like 404 error page, internal server error etc.

404 Page Not Found

Fix Meta Description Duplicate Content

There are many SEO plugins available for this purpose. But I will suggest using Yoast SEO Plugin WordPress. But if you are not a user of WordPress then just make some simple changes in your SEO section of the site.

Which type of changes do you need to make for fixing this issue?

You need to disable Author Archives and set to noindex it.

After it disables Date Archives and set it to noindex.

Lastly, disable Subpages of Archives and also noindex it.

These are some changes can away to Meta Description duplicate content. However, I have a Bonus tip! for you for fixing Meta Description duplicate content.

Bonus Tip! For Fixing Meta Description Duplicate Content

Keep your content up to date and after it changes the title and updates Meta Description. Just see:

If you have written an article about SEO Strategy 2017. Then you need this title like World’s Best SEO Strategy 2017 For You.

Now when you will update this then you will get traffic and rid of duplicate content. An idea also shared by Matt Cutts.

Now let’s see some videos in Urdu and English in which method told to rid of this difficulty.

Meta Description Duplicate Content in English

Meta Description Duplicate Content in Urdu

Lastly, you have rid to fix Meta Description duplicate content. If you face any difficulty then welcome to share your nice thought with us via the comment section or guest post. Furthermore, if you have other than an idea then you can share us and you will get your nice article on the front page of Global Blurb. I hope you will like also the below-listed articles:

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