Most Essential White Hat SEO Tips For Site Ranking (Beginners)

Most Essential White Hat SEO Tips For Site Ranking And Traffic

In this article, we will discuss essential white hat SEO tips for site ranking and traffic. How To Get Traffic On Your Site Using White Hat SEO Tips? SEO is very important part of your site if you don’t know about SEO then it will difficult to capture traffic to your site. Often only 10 to 15 articles base site show on the top of the result. The main reason is white hat SEO rules. Due to the On-Page SEO, they get organic visitors. But some people use black hat SEO this is harmful to a site.

You can rank your site by using black hat SEO tips in short time but after 3 months your site will ban. So try to concentrate on White Hat SEO. Due to the White Hat SEO, your site will take minimum 3 months but it will long life site and you will get 100% result. In White Hat SEO tips backlinking is a most powerful factor so try to increase backlinks.

White Hat SEO Tips For Site Ranking And Traffic

White Hat SEO is a working where you follow those rules which are described by the search engine. So here you will learn:

  1. Basics of White Hat SEO
  2. Is White Hat SEO is affecting your website?
  3. How can you follow White Hat SEO tips for improving your website?

So let’s read next…

Basics of White Hat SEO?

If you have heard about black hat SEO then this is opposed it. Furthermore, White hat SEO tips are that work which improves your search on any search engine results which typed by a visitor. By following the rules of the search engine like Google.


  1. Publishing quality content
  2. Proper usage of keywords and description
  3. Making user experience better
  4. Is White Hat SEO is affecting your website?

Yea! White hat SEO is affecting your website because it is saving to your site from a penalty from small and big search engines. Google is big and on #1 in the search engines list. So Google is the power source of organic traffic. Do you know that most search engine is picking data from Google? If you have banned from the Google then it’s impossible to re-list your site.

So why are you taking a risk? Just follow the white Hat SEO tips which are described by the Google.

While implementation of Google guidelines you are making powerful and long lasting sites. It’s mean you are not using automated software for different black Hat SEO purposes.

What about Publishing Quality Content?

Publishing quality content means that content which has published according to the guideline of the search engine. Furthermore, don’t copy the content, don’t rewrite etc. We have published an article here: Which Type Of Articles Accepted By Google?

SEO Change Algorithm After A Period

SEO change algorithm after a period so tries to work according to SEO instructions. When you will work according to instructions obviously you will be doing well done. So try to legal work then I hope it gives many benefits to you.

Submit Your Site To Social Media Sites

Submit your site to Social Media sites because Social media sites traffic count legal. So try to submit your link on all famous social media sites. Keep in mind submit your sites to PR9 sites. Otherwise, low-level media may harm your site. Search engine counts those sites which are PR9 sites. Some social media sites I have in my knowledge and I am giving their name as under:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stumbleupon
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

The traffic which comes from social media decreases your Alexa rank. Make better your bounce rate. The traffic which comes from social media is counting quality traffic. Simply go on PR9 social media sites and share your link. When people will see they will automatically come on your site. Some people place fake pictures like ugly pictures but don’t betray to people.

Submit Site To PR9 Sites

Submit your site to PR9 sites for a quality backlink. A backlink is a most powerful factor for every site. If any site is showing on the top of Google or another search engine then this is impossible, the site has no backlink. There are two classes. 1st update data more than your competitor site. 2nd make quality PR9 backlinks of your site.

Read about backlinks: How To Get High Quality Backlinks Without Giving Bribe?

Is The Backlink Creator Software Make Quality Backlink Or Not?

Now we discuss is the backlink creator software make quality backlink or not? When a person makes a site after that, he searches on Google about traffic. Many sites will give him a suggestion to get traffic from traffic exchange. In traffic exchange, he will see other’s sites and other will see their site.

This is the Black Hat SEO method of getting traffic. Many sites offer click exchange in which you will click other’s site and other will click on your site. This is the worse method of generating traffic. In this method, you are following black hat SEO techniques which are against the search engine rules.

Can We Get PR9 Backlink In Free Of Cost?

If you want to get quality backlinks in free of cost then read and follow the below-given methods:

  1. How To Get Dofollow Link From Facebook
  2. How To Get Free PR9 Quality Backlink From Adobe?

Summary| While doing SEO don’t follow the automation software. Haste makes waste is a famous line which often uses by our elders. So while doing online business hurry hurry hurry can destroy your business. So do hard work honestly and follow the white hat SEO tips which are described by the Search engine and not against the search engines guidelines. If you like this article then don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck!

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