Incredible Easy Method To Clean Up MySQL Database

Here in this article, we will discuss how to clean up MySQL database WordPress? Often after installation of a plugin data remain in the database. So it’s necessary to optimize database so your website can perform better.

When a plugin installs, it creates tables in the MySQL database and does not remove when you delete any plugin from your website. Normally, it deletes only plugin’s files nor tables from the database.

Now just see an example about it. While deleting any plugin it will remove only files which the plugin creates during installation.

Delete Plugin

That’s clear when you delete this plugin it will remove plugin’s file and the data remain in the database. Often plugin’s author does not create an option to remove data from the database also. Some plugins are not stored data in the database and some authors include the option to remove data from the database also when deactivating the plugin.

Now the question arise how to completely delete WordPress plugin? There are two ways which are as under:

  • Remove Manually
  • Delete Old Plugin data using Plugin

Caution: Before doing work on database don’t forget to take backup.

Before installing plugins don’t forget to install it on the local host and after verification chooses for an online site. Because due to poor coding it can create conflict.

Ultimate Guide To Clean Up MySQL Database

I will suggest using a plugin for clean up MySQL database because the manual method is risky and a long method. So see the under given method to clean up MySQL database.

Plugins Garbage Collector

  • After installation of this plugin, you will get like shown below the interface.

Plugins Garbage Collector

  • Now start a search and after it, you will get a result if your database contains garbage data.

Plugins Garbage Collector Result

  • Now just select tables and delete these.

Keep in mind: You cannot get deleted data back so take a backup first and after it starts work.

Clean Options

The Clean options will remove orphan data which is remaining in your database after deleting the plugin. Just install and take help like shown below:

Clean Options

Note: Before removing orphan data don’t forget to read about it in depth. Because it can harm your website.

  • Now just click the Find Orphaned options.
  • Select which you want to clean up.


However, this was the method which I have shared with you to WordPress remove old plugin data. You can clean up MySQL database by using database optimization plugins.

I hope you have got an idea about clean up MySQL database. But if you face any difficulty then you can leave a comment without hesitation.

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