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Wondering How Najeeb Razaq Out From Corruption?

Najeeb Razaq Out From Corruption Scandal

We heard about the robbery of 4 billion dollars from the funds of Malaysian Government. The name of Najeeb Razaq also includes in the list of those names. Who use this fund for the wrong purpose. So now Najeeb Razaq out from corruption scandal. An investigation team also established. After all, it proves he is innocent and his prosecutor also tries to save him from those peoples who use this fund wrongly?

Prosecutor Wording

The prosecutor of successfully saves him. After a long period, the prosecutor released from the corruption scandal. According to attorney General of Malaysia that. The amount of 70 crore which was in the account of Najeeb Razaq was a donation by Saudi Royal family. So he has no connection with corruption. The amount which was in the account of Najeeb Razaq is a donation. The deputy prime minister of investigation suspended from their designation. By opponents of Najeeb Razaq the fund which established by the hand of Najeeb Razaq in 2009. He makes corruption from this fund. Don’t forget to read Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Org.

Najeeb Razzaq tries to prove innocent, they also denied these accusations. Opponents also wanted that Najeeb Razzaq gave resign from their designation. An anti-corruption agency authorities said that Najeeb Razzaq gets the amount of 70 crores in a gift from a foreign country. So they have no connections with this corruption. Attorney General of Malaysia gave a statement on Tuesday. He said, that the amount which found in the account of Najeeb Razaq is a gift. Which gave by Saudi Royal Family and the amount transferred between March and April 2013.

He told that Anti-Corruption agency authorities also met with the witness and investigate from him. After that, they gave a statement about this matter. Prime Minister Najeeb Razaq established a 1MDB in 2009 which will work for the improvement of economic. MDB is a national funding whose purpose to develop the economy of Malaysia. In 2014, Malaysia failed to return loan which got for 1MDB. Later informed that the fund has drowned in 11 billion dollars debt funds. Saudi Arabia Attack on Mosque And 18 Wounded.

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