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Nulled WordPress Themes Contain Malicious Code Or Not

Nulled WordPress Themes Contain Malicious Code Or Not

If you are interested in WordPress blogging platform then thousands of free themes and premium themes are available on the web. But while using nulled WordPress themes check this is your free/ nulled WordPress themes contain malicious code or not? Because some sites are giving a malicious code to the nulled WordPress themes and plugins. So better to verify and after its use.

Purpose To Add Malicious Code in Nulled WordPress Themes

The purpose is simple and clear, they want to hack your site and also get backlinks from your site. So while using free plugins and themes check are they trustworthy?

Let’s read some reasons for adding the malicious code in nulled WordPress themes.

  1. They are getting backlinks from your website without your permission.
  2. After it, they are getting access to your site anonymously.
  3. Thirdly, they want to redirect your site to those spam links which will cause of penalty from the major search engines.
  4. Moreover, they want to run the advertisement on your website.
  5. Lastly, when all things will affecting your site then obviously you will get a down site.

The malicious code is not findable only from free themes. The nulled WordPress themes which are premium and downloaded from different torrents contain the malicious code which makes a cause of your destruction.

However, we will advise don’t download the nulled WordPress themes or Plugins from torrents and Warez. Furthermore, if you need nulled WordPress themes then it can be downloadable from jojothemes or Themelot. These two websites are trustworthy if you want to download premium themes for offline working. But if you are thinking to use for an online site then it will affect your site’s ranking.

Moreover, if your site/ blog is automatically redirecting to other or running advertisement then check your site after deactivating the plugins. If the issue resolves then you are using a malicious coding plugin. However, if the issue not resolved then you are using a malicious coding theme.

Detect Malicious Code from Nulled WordPress Themes

First of all, download the nulled WordPress themes or plugin and check it for viruses or Trojans by the online site. It’s totally free and gives you the positive or negative feedback about the checked site.

Virus Total for Online Verification

If you want to verify your site, is it clear from viruses or not? Then visit the Virus Total and upload the downloaded file. However, if you want to check the running site then you can paste the URL of the site and it will update you on the status.

Check Malicious Coding in Nulled/ Free Plugins

Now the turn to check malicious coding in the nulled/ Free Plugins. The scanner called Exploit Scanner. Basically, this is a WordPress plugin which will detect the malicious coding from the free/ nulled WordPress plugins.

Just install it from the WordPress directory and activate it. After it, click on the scan button and it will start scanning to all the activated and deactivated plugins.

At the end, it will show the results which will get from the scanned process. Moreover, it does not check the plugins only, also suitable for nulled WordPress themes but it’s better to check the themes by the below following method.

Verify Your Nulled WordPress Themes from Malicious Coding

Getting a backlink from WordPress theme is a common way but if it contains the malicious coding then it’s harmful. Just install a plugin called Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) from the WordPress directory.

After installation, it will appear in the Appearance section. Lastly, visit the section and scan your themes. If your themes and plugins contain malicious coding then it will update you by warning otherwise you will get OK status.

You have read about the nulled WordPress themes are safe or not. The WordPress is the easiest to understand and the best blogging platform. But the security depends on your hand. If you want to secure your website then open your eyes 48 hours otherwise hacker is activated every time to hack a site. Best of luck!

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