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Obama Not Agree With Their Daughter To Go For Graduation

Malia Obama Wants To Go For Graduation But Barak Obama Of United State Of America Is Not Agree With Her

Daughter of Obama, her name is Malia Obama will graduate and go to college in this season. But the President of United State of America does not agree with her daughter. Obama said she is my best friend and I don’t lose this best friend. In Barak Obama statement he said I do not agree to leave me but Malia Obama is ready to leave. When asked about the graduation of Malia then Obama replied obviously not. Because I do not agree to Malia leave me for their college and leaves me alone. Malia is my close friend. It’s very serious for me that I will not appear with my daughter every time. But Malia is ready to go for their graduation. Malia is smart and she is capable. So she can make their way better. Malia is blushing and think, after a long deep, he did nothing, which makes the cause of embarrassment for me. You may also like 31 Men’s Celebrities 2016.

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