How To Optimize Images For Web Without Losing Quality

Optimize Images For Web Without Losing Quality

Let’s read about optimize images: With the passage of time, every company makes some changes in their policies. So the clients or customers can enjoy a risk-free plan. Like that every online employer also makes some change in their work criteria. Today you will learn how to take the first step to make your article SEO friendly by optimizing images.

If you see some years ago then the size of a computer was larger than from the room and we need a special room for it. After it, with the time we can pick this for anywhere in the world. Now, this is light weight, slim and fast from earlier versions.

Like the above example, while running an online site or a business, we bound to follow search engine policies. Just see an example:

You have a website and the monthly visits to your site are 10,000,00 but if search engine throws your site. Then you don’t have an option to re-include it and get visitors back. Because an online business owner is bound to follow search engine’s policies.

Why Search Engine Hate and Throw The Site From Index?

Search engine hates with spamming, duplicate content, slow site speed etc. When you will not focus on these for a long period then obviously you will lose ranking.

So it’s compulsory to make your site SEO friendly. We know Google is the big search engine of the world. Mostly people use this for searching on the web. So if you have passed to make your site according to the policies of Google. Then no doubt other search engines will also give a positive response to your site.

I will not tell all techniques for making site SEO friendly. But I will tell you the main reason of slow site speed and how to optimize it?

Tell Me About Optimize Images In Depth

I have given a short explanation about SEO and reasons of de-indexing the site. Now just read about the image optimization definition.

In fact, image optimization is the process in which a 4 MB image convert into 45 Kb. While optimizing images we also keep in mind about the quality. Because we need a quality image in low size.

That’s the simple definition of optimizing images which we need to know first before proceeding to the next step.

Why Optimize Images For Web?

Let’s see why Optimize images for Web. We can upload a high-quality image also. If your internet connection is 2G and the speed is so slow. A person wants to see an article which is available on your site. Now due to the high size of images, your article is not uploading. Now, what the person will do?

Obviously, he/ she will visit another site and you have lost a visitor which came from organic search. Now you have created a bad image in their mind, next time he/ she will not revisit your site.

That’s reason of image optimization. Now just think if your site works properly and he/ she read the whole article. Next time what he/ she will do? He/ she will visit your site directly and read some other relevant articles also. That’s why we need to optimize images.

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin and they have also written an article about image optimization.

Image Optimization Techniques

I have some image optimization techniques which will 100% work for you without paying a cost or registration to a site. Let’s see how to optimize images for the web?

Search For Optimized Image From The Web

Before consuming time on image optimization you need to check on different sites like Flickr. Here you can get already optimized images for your article. Furthermore, you are freed to categorize images according to license and unlicensed.
In short wording here you can find out an image which can use for commercial purpose.

Some Other Sources For Optimized Images

Online Image Size Reducer

Let’s see some image optimization online websites which are offering the free option. Just visit and upload your image after some seconds it will give you quality optimize the image.

Optimize Images In

WordPress is a popular blogging platform for those who want to build a professional website. While using WordPress you can install some plugins for optimize images. But the issue is that these are free plugins which are offering a limited quantity. When you will exceed the quantity then you need to upgrade to premium version.

Adobe Photoshop Optimize Images For Web

If you have installed Adobe Photoshop in your PC then why are you not using this? Just follow me and see how to optimize images for the Web?

Note: I am using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, but if you have another version then just find out the option which you will see in the next steps.

Use Photoshop for images Optimization

Use Photoshop for images Optimization

Bonus Tip! After Optimize Images, You Need To Concentrate

Use Right Format of Images

After selection of the image, you need to check the format. I will suggest choosing the format which is common and suggested by SEO experts:

JPEG is the common format of the image which is used by big sites. Furthermore, it consists of lossy data compression which means all depending on your site’s settings. In JPEG there is no option of transparent background. Lastly, the benefit of usage this format is that it is a common format which is supported by every browser.

GIF use for animations and art, basically this is a bitmap image. Furthermore, it supports 256 colors and not best for photographs. However, this is best for company logos and have a transparent background.

PNG is a latest invent which is alternate of Gif and JPEG. It has auto Gama correction and the best range of colors. It has the ability of transparent background. A big benefit of this format is that it store bit description of every image. So the search engine can understand better about this image. Nowadays, this format is using by web owners.

Don’t Use Confusing Name

After capturing image from your camera don’t forget to give a name which is easily understanding by the Search engine. A good name is a good introduction of any image. Just see an example of SEO friendly name: Global-Blurb-Logo.

Don’t Forget To Use ALT Text

Alt Text is the short name of Alternative Text which is most important while uploading images to your site.

The simple code of an image look like the below:

<img src=””>

But when you will use alt text then it will look like as showing below:

<img src= alt=”Old man eating a big steak in the restaurant”>

It’s necessary to use alt text because this is the recognition of the uploaded image on your site.

Why Are You Relying On Third Party?

I will suggest to don’t compromise with other image hosting providers like Imgur or Postimage. That’s a great way for saving the bandwidth and space but when the site will be surrounded with a huge volume of traffic. Then your uploaded images will block and the visitors of your site will deprive to see this.

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