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PakTurk Will Hand Over By Pakistan To Turkish Government

PakTurk Will Hand Over By Pakistan To Turkish Government

PakTurk Will Hand Over By Pakistan To Turkish Governmen:. Pak Turk School will take over by Maarif Foundation. All 23 Schools & Colleges will take over by Turkish Government. First Turkish Government tries to close all schools but now Pakistani government decides to take over all schools to Turkish Government now they will change the administration of this institute. If you see more than 11,000 students are studying in this institute and 1500 teachers affiliated with this institute from more than 5 years.

PakTurk Will Hand Over By Pakistan To Turkish Government

What Is Demanded By Turkish Government? 

Some days earlier the ambassador of Pakistan conducted a press conference in which he said we will close Pak Turk International School & Colleges due to their affiliation with Hizmat movement and due to the link with Fatehullah Gulen. Fatehullah Gulen is doing his work against Turkish President. Now Pakistani government decided to hand over these schools to the Turkish government. Gulen is involved in the rebel in Turkish by the tweet of President of Turkey. Therefore these schools will close from every country. Now Tayyip Erdogan raises this matter an unofficial level with Shahbaz Sharif.

What Is The Statement Of PakTurk Education About Their Institute?

During that PakTurk also record their statement. This is not a political organization and we are not a part of this Hizamt. This is a social welfare which is doing their work for prosperity around the world from 21 years. They also give threat to the Pakistani government, we will go to court if you take any illegal step against this foundation. Don’t forget Pakistani government decides to hand over this organization to the Turkish government and now Turkish government decide to change the administration of this institute but not close. A Turkish foundation will take charge of this NGO. PakTurk Foundation also said we can clarify about our NGO at any position so give us a chance. PakTurk Foundation also said we have no link with any movement or we don’t know about the mission of Fatehullah so don’t tie with us with Fatehullah.

What Is The Thinking Of Parents And Politicians About PakTurk Foundation

 Imran Khan who is the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said I am against to close this institute and I will not close this in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said the future of student will destroy. So I will not close these schools and colleges.

The Turkish Government also demand to close this from Kyrgyzstan government. Close these institutes from your country but they replied we are freed country. We know what wrong and what true. So don’t give us a suggestion to close this. Turkey is our brother country and we have a passion for this country but we cannot close this institute. We can understand the situation in Turkey so we could not find anything which can prove wrong.

What Is PakTurk And What Importance He Have?

 PakTurk foundation is providing education from 21 years in different countries. The standard of this institute very differs from other private institutes. They also offer activities which make energetic to students. They also send their students in Turkey for education.

What Mistakes In PakTurk Foundation?

 PakTurk offers education and that education which other private schools cannot offer. Pak Turk is a foundation and having the aim to grow prosperity in the Pakistan but the fee of this foundation is so high. A middle family cannot study their child in this institute. The administration is not agreed to close the school and colleges which are going on under the supervision of this foundation. If PakTurk decreases their fee then I can say this will be the best education institute in the Pakistan. The fee of this institute is equal to international schools. An article about PakTurk will hand over by Pakistan to Turkish Government also published on Tribune.

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