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PIA Servants Dead Due To Firing, PIA In Deficit Of 10 Crore

Read about PIA servants dead due to firing. Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef Said that government will take action against the strikers of PIA. The action will very strict against strikers. All strikers will pay their penalty. During the strike of PIS servants on Tuesday, prime minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Shareef said, “service act implement in PIA so might government dismiss or give a penalty to the striker in the case of strike”.

During the converse of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Shareef with media, they said in PIA politics rise and all strikers have the support of politics parties. Due to strike baton charge on PIA servants in Karachi.

PIA Servants Dead

Keep in mind by the Joint action of committee of PIA, strikers take the step of the strike. After the declaration of Joint Action committee, PIA declares to close all air operation. During this 2 servants dead on the spot, after that, the airports of Karachi and Lahore closed. While airports of Multan, Islamabad and Peshawar also affect due to this incident. Danial the spokesperson of PIA said in their statement, due to casualties the situation is delicate. They said they invite the members of PIA union many time but nobody tries to listen to their talking on privatization.

 PIA In Deficit Of 10 Crore

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Shareef said the deficit of PIA reached at 10 crores and we do not leave PIA on this condition. So what we do in this situation with PIA? We left this or try to improve this? Prime Minister of Pakistan said passengers feel trouble during the journey of PIA. The condition of airplanes is so worse and services are non-standard.

Prime Minister of Pakistan said service act already apply so violent get penalty. If someone joins their duty it will get a reward. Keep remember government applies 1952 act on PIA servants by this act now employ of PIA has no right to strike. In Pakistan, the politics parties of Hizb-e-Ikhtilaf is also against with privatization while MQM and PTI condemned about privatization.

To remember Joint action committee of PIA give one week to the government to solve it. During this government decide strategic partnership and delay of privatization for 6 months. Due to this in whole country strike continue. Syed Qaim Ali Shah assured that they will talk with Mian Nawaz Shareef about this matter. Syed Qaim Ali Shah also assured to give 20 Lacs per head who has died due to firing. You may also like Police Officer Serve As A Father When Real Father Busy In Court.

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