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Police Officer Serve As A Father When Real Father Busy In Court

Little Girl Who Came With Their Father In Court Sleep In Police Officer Kevin Noris. A police officer who was coming for hearing in uniform in court, where a dad and a little girl also came for hearing. Dad was busy in court. The girl is so little. A first little girl walks in the gallery where she is sitting and waiting for her dad. After some moments her father came she wants to live with their father when their father wants to keep with him during a hearing in a court, due to restriction he could not keep with him and girl returns to their seat due to compulsion.

After all, a girl came out from office and a cop who is sitting in the wait of hearing in a sitting place, who try to happy this little girl. When the girl tired she sleeps in the lap of a cop. The video of the cop captured and capture image of this cop also available if you want to see the video of this cop then you can search on yahoo. The police officer name is Kevin Norris who concern with Orem Police department. The police officer also came for hearing and he is waiting for their turn. Police officer Keven Norris shows cartoon to a little girl on their mobile phone and the girl sleeps in their lap. A police officer could not get up this girl. The cop gives us a lesson of humanity. We get a lesson from this cop and propagate this lesson in whole the world. Here the daughter’s father is first and the second father of this girl is that cop who gave love to this girl like daughters. Police officer forgot about their hearing they try to the role as a father. Could we do in our life like that? You may also like Rape With Two 12 And 16 Years Old Boys By 4 Wrestlers.

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