Qandeel Baloch Murdered Occurrs In Multan Muzafar Abad

Qandeel Baloch Murdered Occurrs In Multan Muzafar Abad

Celebrity Qandeel Baloch Murdered Occurs In Multan: Qandeel Baloch is a social media star. Qandeel Baloch is known as a model. Recently we heard about their scandal with Mufti. Today his murdered occurred in Muzaffar Abad Multan. According to a news channel, their brother killed him. According to their family, they told their scandals are raised and we cannot bear this. The brothers of Qandeel Baloch kill him in a room.

This news exposed by CPO Multan. The Qandeel Baloch murdered occurred on dated 16/07/2016 by her brothers. Qandeel Baloch scandals exposed, therefore, the incident occurs. Qandeel Baloch has their residence in Muzaffar Abad Multan. Their brothers tighten her throat and killed him. Qandeel Baloch is a model of Pakistan. Some channels are also told that the murdered occurred by firing. The Qandeel Baloch house is only 5 minutes away from the Police Station. Qandeel Baloch house is only 5 minutes away from the Police Station.

Qandeel Baloch Murdered Occurs In Multan Muzafar Abad

When Police reached Qandeel Baloch was dead. Muzaffarabad is away from Multan Cantt is the only 25Km. She is living from a long time in Muzaffar Abad. Her cases also filed in the court. According to Media when they reached, the police is also insulting him and they denied to tell him anything.

But there is no latest news about their murder. There is 2 situations are front of us, one is by tightening their throat and the second is by fire. Qandeel Baloch belongs to Baloch family and some say the murder occurred due to the family clash. Mufti Abdul Kawi also fired from their party due to Qandeel Baloch. Qandeel Baloch and Mufti Abdul Kawi Scandal appeared some days ago.

Now, after a month the murdered occurred. Her residential area is a backward area of Multan this is away from Multan Cantt only 25 Km. Police did not say to media anything they will tell him after a 1st investigation. She is living in a Quarter on rent. Her cases are also running into court before Eid-Ul-Fitar. Her real name is Fozia, but she knows the name of Qandeel Baloch. She also called a press conference and demand Police protectionQandeel Baloch also demanded police protection from the Home Ministry and her brother killed him and run away. Her father calls to police and told him the incident. You may also like Model Qandeel Voice Recording And FIR On Front Of The World. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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