Rank Your Website Higher On Google?

Rank Your Website Higher On Google

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to rank your website higher on Google? SEO is the most powerful factor regarding any site. If you want to rank your website higher then you must concentrate on this. Then your site will rank otherwise it will difficult to boost. Often I see and you also, advertisement of different companies who are offering SEO services. Often Google Ads are running on different sites in which write get 90 backlinks in just $ 15. Before purchase, backlinks must read this article. Just click on the previous link.

Factor To Rank Your Website Higher

Just see how to rank your website higher on Google? We are talking about site traffic and site ranking so let’s start step by step. I will also show images to you for better understanding. Let’s follow as under steps.

  • Relevant Content publish
  • Meta Tags
  • Focus on Internal Linking
  • Alt tag usage
  • Schema Placement
  • HTML Improvement
  • Href Lang Tag Placement
  • Crawl Errors & Server Errors Fixing
  • Site Speed
  • Backlinks

Relevant Content Publish For Rank Your Website Higher

Your articles are the backbone of your site. So try to update relevant content on your website regularly. Don’t use copy content or rewritten content. If you want to rank your website higher on Google then keep neat and clean work. Prefer article which is more than 300 words. And update 2000 words article in a week. Pick keywords from Google Search or Longtail keywords software. You can also pick your content keywords from Google Ad Word Planner. When you are publishing your article don’t forget to use keywords in your description and title. Also, use the keyword phrase in starting and ending paragraph. After it uses this phrase 2 to 4 times in the middle of the content. Also, use bold and all heading tags.

Use Meta Tags to Rank Your Website Higher

Use Metadata if you want to rank your website higher. Meta tags are also an important factor regarding SEO. If you are using WordPress then use WordPress SEO plugin. After it configures WordPress SEO plugin properly. Use must the below Meta tags:

  • Title meta
  • Description meta

Focus on Internal Linking

Focus on Internal linking is also an important factor. Link your first post to the second and third to first etc. It’s a good strategy. It will look like a spider. This technique is most useful and white hat. You can also read White Hat SEO Tips For Site Ranking. You know site ranking depend on page and domain authority. And these things depends on your internal linking.

Alt Tag Usage For Website Ranking

While using media like image, audio or video. Don’t forget to use alt tag which is the acronym of Alternative Text. It looks like as under:

<img src="domain link" alt="text" />

Schema Placement

Now we will discuss where to put schema code on the website? What Is Schema? When you visit Google Webmaster tools you can see your left-hand pane. The word other resources used, when you will click on it and choose Structure Data Testing Tool. Place your URL and start a test. You will obviously get a result in nothing found. When you don’t have any Schema on your site then he will give your reply in nor. So the Schema script or HTML tags tell the search engine about your site. Like your site link with a product or personal blog etc.

Google webmaster tool other resources

You can generate Schema for your site by visiting here.

Now go to the dashboard of your webmaster tools and click on “other resources” now select “Structured Data Testing Tool”. Select “Code Snippet”. (Also shown in above image). That was the method of checking.

Now create schema script and place it in your header section of the theme. You can read here how to access header.php? Now just check by the above-told tool. Don’t forget to update your file after placing the code.

If you are a user of WordPress. Then use All in One SEO Plugin. It’s a great plugin of Search Engine Optimization.

HTML Improvement

Now we talk about what is HTML improvement and how to make better? Html improvement section of Google webmaster tools tells error about your site regarding HTML. Like the duplicate title, description etc. often errors face in Html improvement is duplicate meta description. So if you are a user of Yoast SEO. Then you can see here the solution of this issue How to fix Duplicate Meta Description?

Href Lang Tag Placement

The solution of where To Put hreflang tags? Now see href lang tag placement on your website. If you want to tell the search engine about your site language. Then you can use this option. Otherwise, as you like you can leave this. This will help you for local targeting and around the globe. The href lang tag is as under:-

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="x-default" />

Crawl Errors & Server Errors Fixing

Crawl Errors & Server Errors Fixing. These type of error occurred when you make changes in your permalink. Try to save your site from category base or number base URL. So try to use a custom settings of the permalink. You can also see the permalink setting here under:-

Permalinks setting

Try to make SEO friendly URL. “”. This is an example of SEO friendly URL. Every URL which is clean from hyphens, dashes, and dots it will be SEO friendly.

How To Fix Server Error?

The answer of how to fix server error? Server error in bit quantity is bearable but when they increase then try to change your hosting company. There is no way to fix the server errors. Because it is not that issues which are repairable by your own end. You can contact with hosting company. Nowadays Inmotion and Siteground is going better you can also read a tutorial about What Is CPanel Of A Website? Best Free CPanel Hosting?

Site Speed For Rank Your Website Higher

Now we discuss how to increase site speed for rank your website higher? You can increase your site Speed by using cache plugin or CDN. CloudFlare is offering free CDN. But when you use free plan then often it will on error. Your site goes down. So I suggest you, use a cache plugin. If you are searching free solution then WP Fastest Cache plugin is good. So simple in use and nice work. You can also see here the tutorial How To Make Website Speed Faster With WP Fastest Cache? And if you are searching advanced level plugin then read here W3 Total Cache Plugin Setting.

Backlinks For Rank Your Website Higher

Backlinks are most important thing for a site. So if you want to create just read directories list for SEO

  • Grab backlinks by submitting your comments (Often nofollow)
  • From social media sites
  • By forum posting
  • From Social Bookmarking sites

These are some places for finding quality backlinks. Just create an account and fill up the website field with your site URL. When you will post a comment or question a backlink creates of your website. You can create from blogging platforms also.


You have read about how to rank your website higher on Google? These are some methods to rank your website higher on Google. Always optimize your images with the help of tools. Many online tools are offering free services. You can use Microsoft picture manager also for image optimization. Image optimization is a hurdle in site speed so when your images optimize then your site speed automatically fast.

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