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Norman Public School
Norman Public School

Rape With Two 12 And 16 Years Old Boys By 4 Wrestlers

4 Wrestlers Who Related With Norman Public School Rapped Two Boys Of 12 And 16 years. In Oklahoma City: In Oklahoma High School 4 wrestlers made rape of two boys after a wrestling tournament. The boys who the victim of rape having aged 12 and 16 years only. The wrestlers made this worse moment after a tournament of wrestling which held in Oklahoma High School.  Wrestling tournament held in January, according to police. All accused belong to Norman North High School. Court give a penalty to three as youth offenders and one got a penalty of adult stemming. This is the incident of 9th. By Norman Police stated.

According to documents of court two prey of this worse attack on a bus before the tournament of wrestling which was held in Garvin and the other whose age is 12 years attack after reached the bus at Norman North High School. First, degree rape by force and fear, the accused penalty in Garvin. The meaning of that sexually moment made with another thing (Other thing mean like instrument), not a sexual organ. The rape with instrumentation so its penalty of first-degree rape which made with 14 years old. By police.

They have arrested and a coach fired from their service. This is the incident of January, and on the off side, another coach also fired. This news expressed by the school district. Joseph Siano who is the superintendent of Norman Public School expressed in a statement that we note the wrong behavior of some students but we continue to support the majority of our athlete students. Who have good and they will play a positive role and behavior in future. You may also like 5 Years Old Boy Call To Police To Tell About Parents Murder

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