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How To recognize Original Or Fake Mobile Using IMEI Number

Check Your Smart Phone/ Android Machine Is Fake Or Original Using IMEI Number

If you are in a country where you have doubt, may be your mobile which you want to purchase is fake then don’t worry today I will tell to you trick to recognize original or fake mobile. Here you will be able to recognize original mobile. In the world fake mobile selling is increased and many people victim of this selling. But don’t worry here I have an idea if you follow this obviously you can save yourself from fake purchasing.

Keep in mind these things when you go in market to purchase mobile:-

In some countries many companies offer a warranty so when you go keep in mind company offer only 12 months warranty. Don’t trust on oral warranty, demand original warranty card which company sent with that mobile in which you are interested.

If you are purchasing Sony mobile then check spell again may be the word write like these “Soony” or “Sonny”. In this situation company will not take any responsibility because this is a fake product.

Now check details from internet and match with those details which you will get in mobile.

Check the appearance of mobile like the logo, screen size and battery etc.

How To Check Mobile Original or Fake using IMEI Number

3 6 9 3 9 5 0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8

Now check 7th and 8th number of IMEI Number.

  • If these two digits are 00 then your mobile is original and has the best quality.
  • If these two digits are 13 then this is assembled in Azerbaijan and quality wise poor. It is harmful to your health also
  • If these two digits are 02 or 20 then your mobile assemble in Emirates and having poor quality.
  • If these two digits are 03,30,04,40 then your mobile manufacture in China and having good quality.
  • If these two digits are 05 or 50 then your mobile manufacturer in Brazil, USA or Finland.
  • If these two digits are 06 or 60 then your mobile assemble in Hong Kong, China or Mexico.
  • If these two digits are 08 or 80 then your mobile manufacturer in Germany its mean the quality of this mobile is fair not good.

These are some tricks which will tell you about your mobile is original or fake. So follow these steps and purchase an original set. You may also like How To Earn From Internet Or Living At Home?

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