Should We Remove Date WordPress Posts?

In this article our discussion will about remove date WordPress posts. I have read about this in depth. Why we show date in Google search results and why we should not remove date WordPress posts? And the answer which I get from the expert. Today I will discuss with you. I have read many articles which were related to this topic from popular blogs like Moz, WP Beginner, and Shout Me Loud etc.

Every person suggests removing date WordPress posts. But when I see they are suggesting to remove date from WordPress posts. Are they also removed from their own posts? When I saw I got answer that they did not remove date from their WordPress posts.

WP Beginner explain this issue in depth. And he said that we should remove publish date, not updated date. And he also told a method to change published date to update date. When we change from published date to update date. Then search engine pick that date when you will update your article. Now just read more why we should not remove date WordPress posts?

Why We Don’t Remove Date WordPress Posts?

Why don’t we remove date WordPress posts? Now read what answer I got from the popular blogs? In fact, the reader who visit your blog. His purpose is not that to read old articles from your blog. His purpose of the visit is read the latest data regarding the issue. But if you start a blog a few months ago. Then you can grip on it and update regularly. But when you have an old blog and have more than 1000 articles.

Then what you will do? Visitors will come to your site but they will read the post publish in 2008 and the visitor is reading in 2015. Then he/ she will send you an email to update the post. Because this is not updated. So the better answer is that just remove the published date and show the last updated date. It will rank your website and also show the date in Google SERP.

In fact, you are not writing a book where people will not show the updated date. You have created a blog where people first see the last update date and after it shows the interest. So the issue is published date.

If you read WP Beginner article about this. Then he also said that when I showed published date then I got tweets and emails from the readers about that. Kindly republish your article.

So now if you don’t have the date. Then you will also face difficulty. So it’s better to don’t remove date WordPress posts. So it’s better to show date of your blog posts but update date not published date. Now you can see here how to? WordPress show post update time.

Find Outdated Posts

Lastly, I satisfied from the updated date feature. Although all posts are updated on my blog. But if you read any outdated post. Then tweet me or tell me using contact us form or comment section. I will be thankful for you to reading this about the difficulty to remove date WordPress posts. In the case of any difficulty regarding remove date WordPress posts submit your comment in the below comment section.

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