Remove URL Field From WordPress Comment Form

Remove URL Field From WordPress Comment Form

This is true that spammers attract to WordPress websites for getting a backlink. So today we will discuss how to remove URL field from WordPress comment form. WordPress is an easily understandable blogging platform so in the community of WordPress bloggers, some beginners are also working. They don’t know how to control spamming and some bloggers have no time to moderate this.

Remove URL Field From WordPress Comment Form

So today we will talk about URL which shows in WordPress comment form. If you remove this field then you can prevent spammers to submit spam comments. If you see spam comments then they will look like this:


Spammers always use fake names if you look at above image then you can see. Spammer’s ambition is only to get a backlink from the website. So they use illegal way to get the backlink. But if you read about SEO then you know that Google considers these backlinks as spam. The second symptom of spammers is that they submit irrelevant comments to your posts.

So in these cases just remove URL field from website comment form. This is a better way for those websites on which spammers came in the huge level. Most commenters don’t have their website so need of URL field in the comment form. Keep in mind when you give permission to the user that they can submit a comment on your website posts, it can be harmful to the site. Because the excessive quantity of outbound links harm your website in the sight of SE. Don’t forget to read The Best Blogging Platform For You?

Let’s start and see how we can remove URL field from WordPress comments form.

  • You can remove URL field from comment form by using Plugin or
  • URL field can be removed manually also.


Disable Website Field From Comments Form Using Plugin

You can disable website field from comment form using WordPress plugin. There are many WordPress Plugins are doing work to disable website field from comments form. If you are a beginner then you can disable Website field from comment form using this plugin because this is a simple way. Want to read How To Verify Your Site From Google And Bing?

First of all, install WordPress plugin to disable website field from comments form.

  • Just log in your WordPress website dashboard.
  • Now click on Plugin » Add New.


  • Now search “Remove Fields”
  • When you find out just click on install button and after it Active it.

This is an easy way to disable website field from comments by using the plugin.

Remove Website Field From Comment Form Manually

Now we will talk how to remove website field from comment form manually. If you are an expert then edit your WordPress files otherwise, you can down your website. I will suggest first try on localhost. If you know how to install local host on your PC? First, try to remove website field from your local host site after that try this from your online WordPress website.

The first login your WordPress website and see in your left side options. Then see Appearance » Editor.

  • Now search function.php file also shown below.
  • Now add the below code before closing tag ?> of PHP.
add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'website_remove');
function website_remove($fields)
return $fields;


This code will remove website field from comments form. If you don’t have time to approve or remove spam comments then you can remove website field from comments form. This will work perfectly but before removing website field from comment form manually backup your function.php file. If you face any error after placing this code then you can restore your function.php.

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