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Should Fixing Remove Windows 10 Password In 3 Steps?

Should Fixing Remove Windows 10 Password In 3 Steps?

Let’s see how to remove Windows 10 Password from your machine like PC, Laptop or Phone. If you are a user of Windows 10 and password getting, again and again panic for you. Then you can bypass this feature via video and pictures.

Now let’s see how to rid of the panic for entering a password again and again on every restart or sign in. That guide will help you to remove Windows 10 Password from your PC, Laptop or device.

Often I will not recommend removing this feature of Windows. Because this is just for the security of your data. Now let’s see how to………

Remove Windows 10 Password With Video & Screenshots

Let’s see the below video to remove Windows 10 Password via video:

Oh! if you did not like the above video then follow the below screenshots:

However, after performing this guide, you will bypass the password feature of Windows 10. This is the default feature of the Windows 10 which assist you to save your work from stealers.

But if you are using your machine at home then you can take chance.

  • First of all, login to your account via current username and password.
  • After it, type netplwiz in the start menu search bar and hit enter.

Remove The Password Login From Windows 10

Remove The Password Login From Windows 10

  • Lastly, a new window will open just uncheck the “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”.
  • When you will click on the Ok button a new window will open and ask to enter current password and username. After inserting correct information hit on Ok button.

Lastly, save all work and restart the machine. At this stage, you will not get the option of the password. That’s the method of removing password of Windows 10.

Furthermore, removing Window 10 Password will get you in risk. Because that’s the way which gives permission to stealers for stealing data from your account.

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