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Saudi Arabia Attack On Mosque And 18 Wounded

Saudi Arabia Attack On Mosque And 18 Wounded

Saudi Arabia Attack On Mosque And 18 Wounded: Today I will talk about Saudi Arabia Attack On Shia Mosque, In which 3 Dead And 18 Wounded. Saudia Arabia Ministry of Interior said that the second terrorist wanted to explode bomb but worshipers controlled him. In this attack, 1 terrorist and 18 people wounded.

The Shia of Saudi Arabia wants justice. This attack was done in the location of Mahasan in Imam Raza Mosque during the Friday Prayer in Saudi Arabi. In this location, the world biggest company of oil “Saudi Arabian Oil” established, in which big amount of Shia worked.

Saudi Arabia Attack On Mosque And 18 Wounded

According to the newspaper of Saudi Arabia, One terrorist explodes and one fired. By authorities of Saudi Arabia, in this explosion 2 security officers and one citizen also included. A video which made at the spot, when crowd sieges the terrorist, police van also sieges to propagate the crowd police also firing in the air.

Shai is 15% of Saudi Arabia. Many Shia live in which cities where oil reserves situated. No organization gets the responsibility of this explosion which exploded on Friday. You should also read Woman Of United Kingdom Connected With Extremist Organisation

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