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Send Newsletter Email? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

In this article, you will read the method to send Newsletter email. If you are an owner of WordPress then MailChimp will work for you. Just configure MailChimp with WordPress and enjoy. However, there are many platforms are available for sending a newsletter email. But MailChimp uses by more than five millions people. So in this article, I will tell you how to integrate MailChimp and WordPress.

Why Use MailChimp To Send Newsletter Email?

The question arise why use MailChimp to send Newsletter Email? You know more than 70% users never come again to your site unless they get something from your website or subscribe to your list. Electronic mail is the best way to communicate on the internet privately. In the email your all messages are safe but on the social media, your private message can leak.

Now the question arise why we use MailChimp? In fact, due to the usage of this service from the previous years, we get this is a best and user-friendly platform. Furthermore, it’s the best choice for beginners, you can send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers. After 2000 you need to upgrade your account to premium.

Send Newsletter Email Set Up MailChimp For WordPress

If you have already used MailChimp then I hope it will not difficult for you. So now just send a newsletter email by setup MailChimp for WordPress.

For connecting MailChimp to WordPress, you must need an account. So first create a MailChimp account by accessing their site.

Click on Sign up button.

Sign up button

Fill details which have asked.

Account Creation Form

After click on Get Started you will reach on your dashboard.

Send Newsletter Email Create Email List

Now the first task is to create an email list. Now just follow some simple steps to create.

Creating a list

Here some information regarding yourself will ask. Just fill it and submit this form. So you can go to the next step. This information contains your email id, address, a message to sign up for newsletter etc.

Now you have successfully completed your first email list creation method. Now the turn to connect this list with WordPress. Because without it, your visitors cannot subscribe to your blog.

Addition of MailChimp Form In WordPress

After creation of a list, just see on this page for Sign up form. Now just create a great sign up form which attracts the visitors to sign up. Follow me to creating an attractive signup form.

Create Sign up Form

Select embedded form which is also showing in the above image. Here you can add and remove fields. After completion just copies the code.

Copy code of sign up form

Now you need to log in your WordPress dashboard and after it click on Appearance » Widgets. Lastly, add a Text Widget to your sidebar and paste the code. Now just visit your site and you will find a form on the page where you have added the code.

Sign up form

Send Newsletter Email Add RSS Feed In Newsletter Email

Now if you want to increase visitors then you must need to send updated via email regularly. Automation system of MailChimp is available in premium version. But you can send manually updates. Now just see how to send RSS newsletter email. If you don’t know about What is RSS?

However, if you are a user of Feedburner then I will suggest to stop Feedburner and move to Feedburner alternatives.

If you want to create an RSS newsletter email. Then just click on Campaigns » Create Campaign.

Create a campaign

On the next page just select an option to send a campaign.

RSS Campaign

Here you need to add RSS feed URL and choose the time interval. However, you can choose weekly, monthly or daily basis.

Timing RSS Feed

Here MailChimp will say to select a list. Just write the name of a campaign. However, mostly MailChimp fill the form automatically. By the way, in the case of not satisfying you can write manually also.


Here you need to select a template, you will get many options but choose which is suitable for you.

Select Template

Furthermore, MailChimp gives permission to add a logo and extra information regarding your site. Lastly, this is the design which will send to the selected email addresses. So be conscious while creating this.

Design Email

Done! you have completed this section to sending a campaign. If you like this then don’t forget to subscribe our feeds.

Lastly, you have read the method to send Newsletter email. I hope this will work for you and help to increase site’s visitors. If you face any difficulty then don’t forget to submit a comment. You have read about Send Newsletter email now read some supporting articles also which will help to rid of difficulty if you are facing.

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