SEO Plugin WordPress Which Really Help Me To Rank

Here you will read about SEO plugin WordPress which you must use to rank your website. The search engine is the best channel to attract traffic to your site. So here you will be able to know about the best SEO plugin WordPress. That will grab traffic from the major search engines. Now just see SEO plugin WordPress as under:

Let’s See SEO Plugin WordPress For Attracting Traffic

Yoast SEO Plugin WordPress

SEO Plugin WordPress

Here we discuss Yoast SEO plugin WordPress which is a popular channel for grabbing traffic. The active install of this plugin is +1 Million. There are two versions of this plugin available like free and premium version.

The Yoast SEO plugin WordPress offer metadata, schema placement, Facebook open graph and Twitter graph. Yoast SEO offers custom title and sitemap features. Therefore this is the best SEO plugin WordPress. If you configure this SEO plugin WordPress properly then no doubt that it will work great.

These are some features which shared with you. Because there are unlimited features of this plugin. Which are not possible to share here. If you have impressed then know how to set up Yoast SEO for WordPress? 

Oh! impressed then download it.


SEO Plugin WordPress

SEMRush is a tool to check competitor’s insights and analytics for improving own site SEO. Here you can also know about competitor’s strategies and backlinks etc. The tools have limited free option. So if you want to get advance level access then upgrade to premium version. Because thousands of SEO experts suggest and use this tool for making better position.

Yeah! impressed visit the site.

Google Keyword Planner

SEO Plugin WordPress

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool of Google. Which is offering free services to advertisers and anyone can use this tool. The main purpose of this tool to show bid of keywords. So advertisers can bid. The tool also helps to advertisers by showing the volume of searches and bid rate.

So you can check keywords bid rate and search volume of different phrases. And after it writes an article about it for getting traffic.

Yeah! impressed visit the site.

SEO Plugin WordPress is a keyword research tool. Just visit the tool and type keyword. It will give you relevant phrases. After it writes an article and rank on the search engine. The tool gets keyword ideas from Google auto suggest. In fact, suggesting phrases are those searches which people use to find out relevant article. However, this is a tool that gives access to use anyone without paying. So if you want to optimize your article content then it will help you. By the way, if you want to get ideas from Bing or YouTube then it also helps you.

So do you want to visit the site?

Open Site Explorer

SEO Plugin WordPress

Open Site Explorer is a tool which offered by Moz. It’s a free tool to check site’s data like spam score, page authority, domain authority, and backlinks. By the way, this is a great tool which is free but limits finalize to use for every person. So if you want to get full access then upgrade to MozPro.

Let’s show me this tool for checking my site.


SEO Plugin WordPress

LinkPatrol is not a free tool. An only premium version of this tools available for use. So if you want to monitor your site then it gives an advance level report. It gives details about backlinks which are giving link juice and away. By the way, the main advantage of this tool is that. It does help to remove spam links and link juice problem etc. in great manners.

Now would you like to visit the site?

Broken Link Checker

SEO Plugin WordPress

Broken Link Checker also helps to improve site’s ranking. Because when your blog will old then broken link quantity also build. So by the usage of this tool, you can rebuild broken links. This is a free WordPress plugin but the problem is that. It slows down your site and WPEngine hosting block this permanently.

I want to download this WordPress Plugin.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox SEO Plugin WordPress

SEO Plugin WordPress

RelNoFollow Checkbox inserts nofollow attribute with the link. While linking an external site sometimes you want to use the nofollow attribute. Then it will help you to insert it. When you will install this plugin. Then a checkbox will add in your site’s post. So when you want you can easily insert rel attribute. It also helps to set link open in a new tab or current window.

Give me a link to download this WordPress Plugin.


SEO Plugin WordPress

SEOquake provides information regarding SEO. You can add an extension for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. When you want to check information of any site. Just click on it and get information like page rank, last modification date, site age and Alexa rank details. This is a popular extension which used by most SEO experts. You can also download the site’s data in CSV format. These were the SEO plugin WordPress for improving site ranking.

Show me this tool.

Bonus Tip For WordPress Users

Site speed is an important factor for rank a site on major search engines. While giving concentration on other SEO strategies don’t forget to improve site’s speed. So first check your site’s speed by using Pingdom or Google Page Speed Insight tool.

Now if you get slower speed then install W3 Total Cache plugin. We recommend this plugin to improve site’s speed. But if you want to install beginner level plugin. Then you can use WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache Plugin. After installation, if you want better speed then integrate with MaxCDN. It will make better page load speed. You can also use Optimize images only SEO plugin WordPress for image’s optimization.

After all, if you get low site speed then change your hosting company. Because this is the fault of your hosting. See here Best CPanel hosting.

Lastly, I hope you will like my struggle “SEO Plugin WordPress Which Really Help Me To Rank”. So don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.

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