SEO Strategy 2018: Create 502% Organic Visits

SEO Strategy 2018: Create 502% Organic Visits

In this article, I am going to show you SEO strategy 2018 which is not easy. But it’s long lasting because it demands long time and hardworking. If you are interested in doing then continue your reading.

  • Not easy
  • Need hard work
  • But long lasting

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SEO Strategy 2018 Which Can Give You Higher Ranking

If you are thinking that SEO is a simple and easy way then you are thinking wrong. But it’s not impossible to rank a site with SEO strategies. So here I am sharing my hardworking, experience and practical work of years. Basically, SEO strategy 2018 consist of 4 pillars:

  1. Keyword Planning
  2. Write content but quality
  3. After it, promote on social media
  4. Write that content which demands your readers

This is the best SEO strategy 2018 which helps me to generate millions of organic visitors. However, you can see the recent results of traffic like shown below:

SEO Results 2017

Now if you want to like that results for your site then let’s see SEO Strategy 2018:

Step# 1: Keyword Planning the First SEO Strategy 2018

Keyword planning is the first SEO strategy of 2018. There is hundred’s way to discover long tail keywords. However, you can see here with some ideas:

5 Way For Discovering Keywords Ideas

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner plays a big role in SEO strategy 2018. But keep in mind it gives estimate not an exact volume of searches. But if you start a Google AdWords campaign and after it, check search volume. Then you can get a better idea. While starting a Google AdWords Campaign amount does not matter.

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Now just sign in to Google AdWords account and click on Tools » Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner

When you get the below showing box then enter the keyword like I am searching for “how to use creatine”:

Google KeyWord Planner (Type Keyword)

After it, just hit get ideas blue button. If you are seeing Keyword ideas then better otherwise go to the keyword ideas tab.

Keyword Ideas (Keyword Planner)

2. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is the best tool to check ideas about ranking keyword. If you want an alternative of Keyword Planner then UberSuggest will work for you.

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Visit the UberSuggest website and enter the idea which you want to search.

UberSuggest Site

If you want to copy keywords then click on View as Text.

UberSuggest (View as Text)

By the usage of this tool, you will get long tail keywords not search volume. However, if you want to get an estimate then use Keyword Planner.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is a great tool for discovering long tail keywords. Furthermore, the SEMRush tool gives facility to check competitors indexed keywords. For this purpose, you need to visit the site and write the competitor’s website.


After getting results click on Organic Search » Position.

Keywords Details

You can get better ideas by sorting as Pos.

Sorting by Pos

4. Forums

Forums are a great source to discover long tail keywords. Because on forums people ask queries. Furthermore, Google also shows those keywords which searched for it.

First of all, access Google instant by typing in the search bar. I want to search for fitness forum.


Here a list of results will open.

Google Search results

Here I click on the Body Building category.

Body Building Category

After selecting categories I have found some keywords ideas which are in front of your eyes.

Keyword Ideas

5. Search Console Plays Vital Role in SEO Strategy 2018

Google Search Console is also a great tool for discovering keywords. So if you want to get ranking then login to the Search Console dashboard.

Go to Google Search Console and click on Search Traffic » Search Analytics.

Google Search Console

Now work on the below keywords which are highlighted. Just update these articles or write a new article if you don’t have about it.

Keywords Search Console

Here you have read about the first SEO strategy 2018. You learned how to find long tail keywords for higher ranking.

Now just read the second SEO strategy 2018 hereunder:

Why Are You Thinking Yet? Start Analyzation Now

After it, just start analyzing. There are two types of analyzation:

  • Quick Analyzation
  • Deep Analyzation

Now just read in details about analyzation types.

Quick Analyzation

If you want to quickly analyze keyword completion then follow the below steps:

  • Moz Toolbar installation.
  • Now just place the keyword which you want to analyze.

First Point: Like as I want to analyze “how to use creatine” keyword again.

Quick Analyzation

In the above image, you are seeing the analyzed keyword has used by DA 50 or below which is a good sign of competition. So if the domain authority is 50 or below then the competition of the searched keyword is low.

Second Point: Are you seeing that the keyword which is analyzing ranked by high authority domains like Wikipedia, Amazon, ESPN etc. Furthermore, you know to defeat these sites are difficult but not impossible. The one benefit of these sites is that they have ranked this keyword due to high domain authority, not due to an article. So when you will write a quality content for this keyword then you can get ranking for this article.

Second Tip for Quick Analyzing

In the second example, there are three big competitors which are Men’s Health, Bodybuilding and Men’s Fitness. Are you seeing that bodybuilding has three results for this keyword? That’s the sign they have ranked this keyword due to high site authority. So by writing a piece of content on this keyword, you can defeat these ones.

Third Point: Now just check is it ranked by web 2.0s, forums, yahoo answers, Quora, Press Releases, Ezine, Hubpages or ehow? If no then this is also a good sign of uncompetitive keyword.

Youtube video in quick analyze

Here you are seeing a video of Youtube which has ranked on this keyword. But you can outrank this video by the support of quality content.

If the keyword has passed the above checks then the time of moving to next step.

Deep Analyzation

For deep analyzation, you need some tools like Moz Toolbar

Moz Toolbar like that Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer.

SEO Tools like that Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer.

Download template for Competitors Analyzation.

Now just see how to?

Just visit the Google and type the desired keyword. Now just try to learn with the help of an example.

I start searching for “how to gain weight for women” keyword. Furthermore, export the top results via Moz Toolbar.

Deep Analyzation

Now copy the title, Page URL, PA, and DA.

Copy DA PA

After it, visit ahrefs website and click on Batch analysis. Here paste the URL’s which you have gotten in the previous step.

ahref tool

Lastly, export the report which has given by ahrefs tool.

Export the report

Here you need to paste the referring domain in the column of RDs.

Paste in the RDS

Now paste the social media shares in the L Shares column. Like shared on Google plus, Facebook etc.

Paste data in the sheet

Here you will copy the links and check the age of these sites. However, you can use Bulk SEO Tools.

Bulk SEO Tools

Here Word Counter Tool will tell you word’s quantity. Here you have completed keyword analyzation with the help of tools.

Word Counter

Manually Analyzation

Here you need to check the supporting media like as images, videos, infographic etc.

For example, the #1 ranked page has an image but not video so in the column of “Media” write No.

Next Step of External Links Analyzation

Here you will analyze external links. In the #1 ranked page does not have any external link which is great for you. Because quality external links make the article trustworthy.

Second Last Turn is to check the Competitors page optimization:

Here you will check the competitor’s page relevancy. In my first para, I have mentioned that Google ranked page due to their site’s authority, not quality content.

In the below example:

Title is: 20 Proven Tips For Skinny Girls To Gain Healthy Weight

URL: ………./20-proven-tips-for-skinny-girls-to-gain-weight

This is not optimized for “how to gain weight for women” keyword. So you can optimize it more for ranking.

An article about Keyword research has been published by Backlinko. Keyword Research.

Fresh Article or Not?

Some articles have published but after it not updates. So just check is it updated or outdated? If outdated then write N in the Timeliness column.

Last Step to Check The Article’s Design

If you see in our #1 ranked page, it has the fold advertisement which is ugly and Google Panda algorithm dislike it. This type of advertisement down the user experience. However, advertisement usage between the content does not hurt the user experience.

Bonus Tip! For Analysis

Now just see the content has case studies and research in the article. Because it will make strengthen content like cement.

At the end, when you have entered everything in the template then check average. For example, if competitors have written 2000 keywords article then you must increase the number of words.


If you are a beginner then I hope the article which has written on Moz by an SEO expert will help you to rank your website. On-Page optimization.

Now just proceed to the next step of SEO Strategy 2018:

Keyword Targeting

I target two strategies which work well for me. Now it will work for you also:

  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Focus Keyword in the body

Long Tail Keywords

While using long tail keywords you need to focus with concentration. Because when you will use it correctly then it goes to you higher domain authority.

Long Tail Keywords

Like in the above example if you will use first then it’s difficult to rank. However, if you use the second keyword then Google Panda hates it.

So what?

Focus Keyword in the body

While creating the content don’t target multiple keywords. First, select a keyword which is mostly searched on the web and target it. Like as the keyword “how to use creatine” is a master keyword. After it LSI is “is creatine dangerous for teens”, what is the best time to use creatine”, or “where can I buy creatine”.

Focus Keyword in the Body

Now, this is the best way to attract search engine to rank your content higher on the web. Now just read more explanation about it.

Step# 2: Create Content Assets

After identifying keywords the next step is creating content assets. What is content Assets? The content assets are the piece of content that gives the idea to your readers. Furthermore, if you have passed then it will increase sharing on social media and be linking.

Why did people fail to generate high-quality content assets?

Because they try the wrong strategy. However, the below two ways are the best strategy to make a quality content assets.

  1. Write content which is more than Better from others who compel the search engine to show on the top.
  2. Write content which has a big Difference from others who compel to the search engine to show on the top.

Furthermore, when you will combine these strategies then obviously nobody can stop you to rank higher.

Now the question:

Write content which is more than Better from others who compel the search engine to show on the top?

While I am saying write content which is more than better from others mean 10x better. Like as, if your competitor has made 2000 words post then you must create 4000 words.

The first step of SEO strategy 2018 is written longer from others. Now the next level is the insertion of media like case studies, outbound links and the usage of bullets and paragraphs.

I think you need to read this for understanding better: Brian’s Skyscraper Technique.

Write content which has a big Difference from others who compel to the search engine to show on the top??

Now the second SEO strategy 2018 will work when you have succeeded in the first strategy. Furthermore, every person wants to rank their page and also keep their articles up to date.

So you need to create different content from competitors. Because quality content works but not…..


See an example just go to Google and search for “how to use creatine?”

You will see results how to’s and guides.

Different Content from others

Now just see what you are expecting from this keyword. In the search results, only 1 video is showing and the click-through rate of this video is better than from others.


Because on this page only one video is showing and which is different from others.

Now if you want to rank your article then you must create different from others like a video, infographic, expert roundup, case study or a different which has not used yet.

Target Keywords

That’s the method to target keywords and usage in the focus keywords. Now you need to follow 80/20 strategy.

Use targeted keywords in 80% content and 20% clean from keywords.

Because it will give you backlinks. After creation of the content assets read it carefully and ask a question from yourself?

Is it really deserve for backlinks?

If yes! Then good otherwise insert something special which attract people for backlinking.

Type of Content Which Attract Backlinks

There are many ways but I am sharing here that one which I am using for my blog.

Lazy Man Method

Lazy Man Method consists of some guides which are listing below:

  1. Week in Social
  2. Links a la Mode
  3. Best of Internet Marketing

The other way of marketing is to recycle your and others content.

However, if you want to read the example then understand from Brian Dean’s guide.

Find Out The Best Content

You can find out the competitors via Ahrefs and Buzzsumo for making better content from him.

Case Studies

Some case studies are listing under which also help for better ranking:

  1. Top 10 grown hacks (Case Studies)
  2. 911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77
  3. 100 Conversion Optimization Case Studies


Infographics are the best way for telling about anything:

  1. How Does Site Speed Affect SEO With Infographics
  2. Shows How Only 10 Companies Own All The World’s Food Brands
  3. Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees

Supporting Tools Regarding SEO

Some tools which support and create the easiest way for generating quality backlinks. So I have some ideas like Open Site Explorer, Asana, and Ahrefs.

Now the turn of the way to optimize content (SEO Strategy 2018).

The Best Way To Optimize Content For Higher Ranking

You know a well-written content perform better without optimization. So first you need to concentrate on content because if your content will not optimize then other efforts destroy.

So now what you need to do for making optimized content:

  • Don’t forget to add a keyword in the title.
  • After it, add a keyword in the first paragraph and the last paragraph.
  • Use the keyword in the headings.
  • Focus on keyword density to 1-2.5%.
  • Lastly, insert LSI keywords where the need.

Now the time to promote your content.

Step #3: Now The Time To Promote Content

I hope you know that only high-quality content not work. After creation of quality content, you need to promote content on different channels.

When you will share it like crazy then it will get quality backlinks. After it, Social Share will also help to view your content on the front of people’s eyes.

Now let’s see some tactics which I am using for my content.

The Easy 6 Some Simple Content Promotion Tactics

While promoting the content you know there are a hundred ways. But I am using the below one for my content.

Increase Your Mailing List

However, an increment in the email list is also important and if you are not updating then you are losing of thousands of eyes.

Promote Your Content With…..

Now increase your subscribers via different marketing tools like MailChimp or PushCrew etc. I will suggest MailChimp because they are offering 2000 subscriber free. On the other hand, PushCrew is offering only 500 subscribers. Now if you are taking interest in MailChimp then read here the tutorial: Send Newsletter Email? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Concentrate on Internal Linking

Often publishing an article people overlook internal linking. Like if you are writing any article regarding MySQL Database then you need to link this to another article which is regarding the database. But if you don’t have then you can also insert another link of the article on your website.

Internal linking is the best way for increasing Page Authority and organic visits to your site.


Repurpose also a way to attract people to your content. Like insertion of audio, videos or PDFs is a great way for quality content preparation.

Lastly, if you follow the below guides then you can better repurpose content:

  1. Repurposing Content
  2. Genius way for repurposing content
  3. Repurposing content by Neil Patel
Content Promotion on Social Media

You know Social Media has a great source of traffic. But if you don’t have join groups and discussion then it will difficult for you. Because it’s necessary to prove yourself so people love your quality content.

Furthermore, like if you have joined the Facebook group and start spamming then obviously you will kick out from the group. Because it will increase your low reputation.

Lastly, join the group and behave like real friends and don’t be spammers.

Don’t Forget To Mention Bloggers

Whenever you are mentioning Bloggers make sure you are following the below example:


Some basic elements of the above email:

  1. Don’t forget to write Blogger’s name.
  2. After it, write a compliment about their content.
  3. Now write a reason why the content is great?
  4. If this is your first discussion then don’t demand anything from him.

These are some marketing tactics which you need to start your blog. Now just read some explanation about it:

Link Acquisition

I have written many articles about backlinks but I will tell you some key elements here:


Don’t overlook relevancy because that’s important for getting quality backlinks.

Site’s Authority

Relevancy is the first task you need to do for quality backlinks. The next step is Site’s authority. Since Google has not updated PR so you need to trust on third-party metrics. I will recommend using Open Site Explorer for Domain Authority, Domain Rate from Ahrefs and Trust Flow from Majestic.

Contextual Links

You can get many types of backlinks for your website but contextual links are better from others.

Anchor Text in SEO 2018

If you have passed in the above steps and fail for correct anchor text then you will fail.

Relationship in SEO Strategy 2018

Getting quality backlinks are building a relationship. I hope the below guides will help you:

  1. Complete Guide to Outreach
  2. Link Building Outreach
  3. 19 Link Building Strategies

Step# 4: Are Readers Love Your Website?

Content quality is a most important factor for better UX (User Experience) while doing SEO so this is important SEO Strategy 2018. Nothing depends on good site’s design or faster site speed, all is quality content. Because when a person will read low-level content then he/ she will not revisit your site.

So now if you want to make your content awesome then follow some SEO Strategy 2018:

Technical Hurting UX (User Experience)

  • Slow Site Speed
  • Not Mobile friendly site
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Duplicate Content
  • Crawl errors
  • Redirect chain

These are some technical issues which destroy your site’s reputation.

Now how to check all these issues. For this, you need to conduct SEO Audit for identifying these issues…..

Outcome of SEO Strategy 2018

That’s the SEO Strategy 2018 for your website. If you grip on the above SEO Strategies then obviously you will get a better result from Google and other search engines. Lastly, if you have any information which will prove your personality then don’t forget to share your SEO Strategy 2018 with me.

If you have any question then don’t forget to share in the comment section. After SEO Strategy 2018 let’s read some supporting articles.

Supporting Articles Regarding SEO Strategy 2018

  1. How I Improved My White Hat SEO Techniques In One Day
  2. Secret To Generate SSH Key In Less Than Ten Minutes
  3. Display Relative Date WordPress Theme

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