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Would You Like To Know About Dofollow Backlink With Bonus Tip

Dofollow Backlink

Backlinking is a great technique to rank higher any website. But sometimes it makes panic for you because all search engines hate spamming. Now, first of all, learn the difference between DoFollow backlink and NoFollow backlink. Difference Between DoFollow Backlink and NoFollow Backlink Backlinks have two major types: DoFollow Backlink DoFollow Backlink NoFollow Backlink DoFollow Backlink has a complex definition …

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The Death Of Auto Redirect Old URL To New URL

Auto Redirect Old URL To New URL

Nowadays, I am getting an error which I am sharing with you also. The error is that “auto redirect old URL to new URL”. In fact, I have changed my old post slug. After this, now old posts auto redirect to new URL. Why I changed the slug of the old post? Because Google prefers short URL not a long. Therefore, I …

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Free PR9 Directories List By SEO Experts

Free PR9 Directories List

Here today you will get free PR9 directories list for site ranking on major search engines. Article submission is a great way to rank a website higher on Google. However, Submission of articles is better but Google prefers quality content also. Furthermore, Google gives 90 points of content and 10 points of backlinking. So if you write quality content and share …

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How Optimize Website Speed Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Optimize Website Speed

If You Do Not (Do)optimize website speed Now, You Will Hate Yourself Later In this article, you will read about optimize website speed tactics. So here you will read ways to improve website loading speed. Because slow site speed going to less traffic and low search engine ranking. Furthermore, site speed is a most important factor regarding search engine optimization. …

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Incredible Easy Method To Clean Up MySQL Database

MySQL Database

Here in this article, we will discuss how to clean up MySQL database WordPress? Often after installation of a plugin data remain in the database. So it’s necessary to optimize database so your website can perform better. When a plugin installs, it creates tables in the MySQL database and does not remove when you delete any plugin from your website. Normally, …

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