Site Not Ranking In Google – Hidden Real Facts

Why Your Site Not Ranking In Google – Real Facts

The question arises in the mind why my site not ranking in Google. It’s not important for the Google where you are sitting and control the website. What real facts on the back of low ranking of your website. So here we are giving the real facts which make a cause of outranking on the Google. By the way, these are the 14 reasons which are tackle by us in the previous 5 years of our life for SEO.

Let’s go toward the list and try it but if you need help regarding this article then tell us via comment. We will be glad to assist those who are reading our blog. By the way, here are given some reason why your site not ranking in Google.

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Site Not Ranking In Google – Real Facts

Let’s read the factors which make the cause of site not ranking in Google real facts.

14| Site Optimization While Site Not Ranking In Google

If you are doing trust in the green light of Yoast SEO then you are going to make Spam content. Moreover, if you are focusing on the keyword usage only and ignoring the people engagement via videos or tutorials. Then you are just wasting your time. After a long research on keyword, we have found a keyword must be the long tail and looking nice good. After it, the description must sound good so the people click on the link and read it till the end.

Site Optimization While Site Not Ranking In Google

Now let’s move toward the next topic of the site not ranking in Google.

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13| Focus On Words Quantity

You need to know about the words quantity of the article. If you are writing 300 words then you are doing struggle but it will waste. Because search engine prefers long article which must be 3000+ words. While trying to make tutorial or an article just make more than 2000 words minimum.

Focus On Words Quantity

So while trying to write an attractive article just create a table of content so it will compel you to create a long article. After it, create easy for the readers to navigate it.

Steps To Tackle Low Words Content

  • Just check and identify the content which is performing badly.
  • Just check the content which has low avg. time via Google Analytics.
  • Now just improve this or remove from the blog.

Let’s read the next reason for the site not ranking in Google.

12| Concentrate On Off-Site SEO

Are you trying for Google’s penalty by hiring a person for link building? Irrelevant links are the best way to get a penalty and you can also read penalties in Google Search Console Manual Action tab. Now if you have verified your website via Google then good otherwise verify your website first.

Just visit the search console and click on the Manual Action tab.

Moreover, if you have irrelevant backlinks then you are inviting the Google to penalize your blog/ website. By the way, if you have done or not but the person which you have hired for this purpose will gift you.

Remove Irrelevant Link From Your Blog

  • Just visit the search console and check the links which are linked to your blog.
  • Just note down all spam and irrelevant links.
  • Now just visit the websites and demand to remove these links.
  • By the way, you can use disavow tool for this effort.
  • Just submit a request for relevant info.
  • Next time you don’t need to hire a person which are giving a gift in the shape of penalty.

11| Don’t Target High Competitive Keywords

While creating an article just choose the keyword which is not too much competition. Otherwise, it will not rank and you will waste your struggle. By the way, it’s easily can check via Moz Keyword Explorer or Moz Chrome extension. It will provide the domain authority and the page authority of every website.

Don’t Target High Competitive Keywords

While choosing the keyword just select the low competitive keyword which is also showing as under:

Choose Low Competition Keyword

10| Change in Permalinks

Whenever you are changing permalinks you are going to lose the ranking which is sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. Moreover, while creating 301 redirect you are losing the ranking also. Because it is affecting 1-15% of link juice. By the way, we are hesitating to change the permalink even we have ugly like word&6=123 format. Move toward the next topic of the site not ranking in Google.

09| Local Search Engine Optimization

While target the local keywords concentrate on the Local business profile like Google My Business etc. It’s the 25% part of 100 in local search engine optimization. So just create a page on Google My Business and get custom URL.

08| Duplicate Business On Local SEO

Keep in mind while creating a business page the duplicate one will penalize your blog or business page. Let’s read the next topic of the site not ranking in Google.

07| Did You Add SSL While Site Not Ranking In Google

Did you check we have not added SSL to our blog because it’s compulsory only for e-commerce websites? By the way, Google has started to prefer the importance of SSL websites. But it’s a reality that the SSL make a cause of drop ranking issue.

06| Affiliate Links On The Website

Affiliate links make a cause of penalty so try to give zero prefer to the affiliate links. So while creating affiliate links keep in mind that Google hates this and does not prefer. Let’s see the next reason for the site not ranking in Google.

05| Zero Links

If your website has no links then you need to try creating quality content. So the people compels to link your website because it will increase the domain authority. So just try to start content which is really clickable and loveable to the readers. Now we have 4 more reasons for the site not ranking in Google.

04| Bounce Rate – Times On The Site

Bounce rate told you about the time which has spent on the website/ blog. Basically, it told about the people’s behavior. Where they have clicked and how many types they have spent on the site while reading the content.

Bounce Rate – Times On The Site

03| Duplicate Content Reason For Site Not Ranking In Google

If you have not check your website with Siteliner then you need to check the percentage of duplicate content. If you want to get higher ranking then you need to concentrate on unique content, unique review, and unique photos. After it, you will try Sitewide links section for the site not ranking in Google.

02| Sitewide Links With Anchor Text

That’s routine that whenever you purchase a theme then you find a link in the footer. That works credit goes to the ….. You need to add the link but this type of links affecting the site’s ranking. So, remove this type of link for getting rid of the site not ranking in Google. The last one is discouraging the site from the search engine on the site not ranking in Google.

01| Discouraging Site From Search Engine

If you have checked the option mistakenly then you need to uncheck this option because it affects the site’s ranking.

Discouraging Site From Search Engine

Lastly, you have read the site not ranking in Google. Then share this article on the social media. By the way, you can also rate this article by sharing the stars.

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