How Does Site Speed Affect SEO With Infographics

How Does Site Speed Affect SEO With Infographics

Site Speed Affect SEO: We’ve all at least once left a website in a sign of protest over how annoyingly slow the page was loading. This scenario happens more often than you think. If you’re an owner of an online business. Then you need to make sure you’re not losing potential customers over slow load time. Don’t forget: when it comes to web speed, every second matter.

Even a small increase in load time can cause higher conversion rates, better SEO rankings, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, if your website slows down to as little as 1 second. Then you could lose up to 7% in conversions and 11% in page views.

How Site Speed Impress Your Visitors/ Customers

Since the performance of your website depends on how happy you can make your customers, check out what they had to say about the importance of web speed:

  • 79% of customers that are dissatisfied with website performance report being less likely to buy from that same site again.
  • 47% of customers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 64% of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds.

Search Engine Case Studies: Google, Bing, Yahoo & Firefox

According to a recent case study, Google would suffer a reduction in daily searches by 0.2% and 0.6% if it increased latency by just 100ms and 400ms, respectively.

A two-second delay on Bing would cause 4.3% loss in revenue per visitor, 3.75% reduction in clicks, and 1.8% drop off in queries.

Yahoo could, on the other hand, increase traffic by 9% if it reduced its page load time by a mere 0.4 seconds.

Firefox could increase downloads by 15.4% if they reduced load time by 2.2 seconds.

For more case studies showing the positive effects of increasing web speed. Furthermore, take a look at this informative infographic from

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Site Speed Affect SEO With Infographics


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