How To Turn Social Bookmarking Sites List Into Success

Social Bookmarking Sites: In this article, you will be able to read in depth about how to turn social bookmarking sites list in success? In fact, Social bookmarking sites are the best way to promote any site. Therefore, I am sharing here the list of Social bookmarking sites 2017 with you for promoting your website. These sites will help you to create quality backlinks and increasing domain authority. After it, you will get high ranking on Google and other small search engines. These will convert your site into a big online business like Shout Me Loud or WP Beginner.

If you don’t belong with blogging then don’t go back because the post will help you also. Backlink creating via social bookmarking sites is a great technique. I want to share my experience on my blog just for about the importance of backlinks.

In beginning, I have shared my posts on social bookmarking sites and on blogging platforms. After reading a post on Moz that backlinks are not necessary nowadays, I have removed all external links. When I have these backlinks then I was getting 100 organic searches in a day and my domain authority was 23. After removing external links my organic visits come on 4 and domain authority 14. This is a real story after it I have searched on the web and get and answer my question. In which an expert said that quality backlink also necessary and Google prefer it. If you don’t have quality content with quality backlinks then Google will not show your article in organic results.

However, backlinks are also important to defeat competitors. Google give 90 marks to quality content and 10 marks to quality backlinks. Now let’s see the social bookmarking sites which are more than 400 in quantity.

Get Quality Backlink From Social Bookmarking Sites

Now just see how to get quality backlink from social bookmarking sites.

  • Don’t create an account using the free email account. Just see, while creating an account don’t use free mail accounts like Gmail, Hotmail etc. Try to create with email account like our
  • Fill all fields like social media sites etc.
  • Read site policy.
  • Don’t submit your content on those sites which are not relevant to your site.
  • Don’t spam.

These are some rules for getting quality backlink from social bookmarking sites. When you will deny following these rules then the social bookmarking site can ban you. Because they have right to ban spammers and other rule breakers.

Social Bookmarking Sites List 2017

Now you can view social bookmarking sites list 2017. If you see a link which is not working then you can leave a comment in the comment section. After it, the link will remove from the list and update again. So you can enjoy the list which is correct from every angle. Let’s enjoy free social bookmarking sites list here as under:


Just click on the above button and list will appear in the browser’s new tab. I will suggest opening the list in Google Chrome browser.


You read about social bookmarking sites list of 2017. While submitting your content don’t forget to generate quality content because without this you cannot rank the post. Lastly, if you like the dofollow backlinks site list 2017 then follow us on Twitter.

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