World’s Top Social Networking Sites List For 2017

Top Social Networking Sites For 2017

Social networking sites are a big source for all type of businesses. These are the best way to promote their business in free of cost. These are easy to use platforms. On all social networking sites two types of promoting methods. If you want to share manually then you can increase visitors in free of cost but if you want to start auto-sharing then you will pay a low-level cost. Now if you want to grow your customers then you have to know the names of top social networking sites. After knowing the names you need to identify which one is better and can give you more customers.

However, we have made this easy for you. You don’t need to search on the web and no need to verify about the top social networking sites. Just read here and take a good decision which one is better for you.

Top Social Networking Sites List 2017

Let’s read the top social networking sites list 2017 for growing customers.

1| Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook counts in the top social networking sites list. This is the biggest platform for businesses and personal profile creators. Facebook started on 4 February 2004 and in 12 years they grab more than 1.59 Billion active users. Due to the huge list of active users, it converts in the best social networking site. According to my web research 1Million+ small and big businesses has created their profile on this.

2| Twitter

While publishing on the Twitter often I shocked that my 140 character post cannot do anything. But I have shocked when I read that more than 320 Million are active on the Twitter and this is the quantity of 1 month. Twitter is beneficial for you if you want to target your clients and give answer their questions. You can publish news immediately for 320 Million users. It was founded on 21 March 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, California.

3| Linkedin

Linkedin has started on 14 December 2002 and inaugurated on 5 May 2003. Linkedin is the most powerful social networking site for professionals. The website is available in more than 20 languages. Furthermore, more than 400 Million users have created the account. Linkedin is the best platforms for those who want to link with similar proficiency in a similar industry.

4| Google+

Google+ also a part of top social networking sites. It has launched on 15 December 2011. It has 418 Million active users on 2015, December.

5| YouTube

YouTube is the unique video-based social networking site. It was started on 14 February 2005. On November 2006 Google has purchased this in $1.65 Billion. YouTube has more than 1 Billion visitors per month and the second SE after the Google.

6| Pinterest

Pinterest has started in March of 2010. Here people come and Pin their posts. According to the Pinterest, they have more than 100 Million active users. All type of businesses has created the account on this platform.

You have read about the top social networking sites list now don’t forget to share with friends. Let’s read about Search Engine Optimization.

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